Share It Fitness Pro Bio – Alexander Dial

From Alex:

My journey into Wellness began in Middle school.  After joining the Cross-Country team in my stomping grounds, Southern Oregon, I was severely set back by the onset of severe and debilitating allergies.  My doctor told me they were “the worst he’d ever seen, by far.”  Battling burgeoning heart problems, persistent reactive asthma, and other unpleasant and dangerous symptoms, I came to realize that Western medicine didn’t have a magic bullet for me.  After a year of reading and guessing, I turned to nutrition and acupuncture, and my various symptoms slowly vanished, making me a believer! 

I followed my path into wellness as a massage therapist and holistic arts student, learning more and more along the way about various aspects of health, fitness, and nutrition.  My training took me from running into the martial arts of Capoeira and Kung Fu, various yogas, circus acrobatics and flexibility training, as well as various strength and sports-specific exercises.  I was trained at the Chopra Center for WellBeing in the arts of Ayurveda.  You can count on a fun and different workout from me! 

A big believer in K.I.S.S. ( Keep It Simple, Silly)  my lifestyle and goals took me out of the gym and into the world, making my programs ideal for those who want to get fit without expensive equipment or stay in shape on the road.  I approach fitness from every angle, seeking balance between strength, stamina, flexibility, muscular balance, and Functional Fitness.  And who can forget fun? 

I strive to provide something for everyone. Whether you’re a well-trained athlete looking to expand your skill set or improve any aspect of your fitness, a weekend warrior in need of guidance, or a newer athlete overcoming a physical limitation, I can make fitness work for you.

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