The 10 Minute Metabolism Boost You Cannot Miss

When your training falls into a rut, sometimes all it takes is a little boost to get that fat-burning train moving again.  I can’t tell you how many people who have come to me complaining about their apparent slow down in progress.  A few minor tweaks on my part, a little determination on their part, and within weeks, they’re back to crushing that belly fat.  If that sounds good and you’re looking for a way to get a metabolism boost keep reading because today’s post is just for you.

For me, those minor tweaks often come in the form of quick, short bursts of exercise at the tail end of a workout.  I’ve long relied on the power of post-exercise oxygen consumption to jump start a sluggish metabolism or break past a plateau.  So today, I’m going to give you four, five to 10 minute routines that are the perfect cap to any workout.

But first, let’s quickly look at the science behind my approach. First off, these short exercise bursts are intense.  That’s because exercise science tells us our bodies are better at burning fat when we engage in short bursts of all-out intensity followed by brief periods of rest. Secondly, our bodies remain in a heightened state of caloric burn after a bout of high-intensity work.  With these concepts in mind, let’s take a look at what you’re going to be doing to get a metabolism boost.

Metabolism Boost with 10 Minute Workouts

The Core Focused Burn Out

The Pure Fat Loss Burn Out
Alternate between each combo until you’ve performed 3 rounds of each

The Muscle Pump Burn Out 

Perform the entire circuit without rest.  Take a 60 second break, then start from the bottom and complete the circuit once more.

The Athletic Drill Burn Out 

Run through this circuit once, then repeat once more from the top

There you have it.  If you really want that metabolism boost or you’re feeling the rut of an exercise plateau give these boosters a try. At just 10-minutes a pop, there easy enough to add to whatever you’re currently doing and effective enough to make the difference you need.


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