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Rock climbing – Check it out…

Rock climbing is something not many people think to do.  They think it’s either too hard, too dangerous, or simply don’t know how to get into the sport. 

Take a look at this terrific resource that has been put together.  It is a database of literally thousands of rock climbing trails around the country.  There is no shortage of beginner trails located near you that will help get you into the sport.  Something else to think about; many gyms and health centers now have rock climbing walls where people can learn to climb in a guided and safe environment.  Some benefits of rock climbing include:

  • Climbing incorporates the entire muscular system.  This often leads to an overall toned and healthy appearance.
  • Rock climbing has a tendency to increase a person’s motivation and willingness to try other, new things.
  • The rock climbing community is very close, yet welcoming of new members.
  • Rock climbing is also great cardio and burns a tremendous amount of calories.
  • Balance and coordination improve exponentially as a result of rock climbing
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