The Strong and Sexy Workout: Develop a Strong, Power, and Beautiful Foundation

Building strong legs and glute muscles will give a great foundation…and a fantastic shape!

Your lower body is your base; your foundation.  As with any base, you want something strong, powerful, and supportive.  With toothpick legs, weak hips, and poor balance, you’re going to be in a lot of trouble now and down the road…not to mention, legs without muscular definition and shape aren’t a whole lot to look at.  Despite this, many people gloss over their lower body and simply focus on the beach muscles when they’re working out.  Toned arms, a six-pack, and a nice set of shoulders are great to look at, but functionally, a strong lower body is what separates the “kind of in shape” people from the awesomely fit and athletic super humans among us.

Combo Training For Great Legs

A great leg workout is more than just lifting weights.  It’s almost about more than running, jumping, and/or doing sprints.  You see, a great leg workout makes use of BOTH types of training.  Studies have shown that when combining plyometrics with standard resistance movements, you’re able to realize better gains and faster progress(1).  With that in mind, we’ve developed a killer lower body workout that incorporates elements of both into one circuit style, high-intensity routine.

This routine makes use of box jumps, side to side hops, stability movements on a BOSU, and other lower body-centered exercises to give you a full workout.  If you don’t have access to a specific piece of equipment at home, don’t worry about it, all of these movements can be done without the add-ons.  Or if you’d prefer, pull this bad boy up on your smart phone and follow along at the gym.

Shataar makes use of his athletic background when he designed this fitness class.  The movements you see here are going to help you increase your speed, power, strength, and footwork.  While this may seem unnecessary for the non-athletes among us, the benefit of developing these skills means nicer, more toned, and shapely thighs, hamstrings, and butt.  Now who doesn’t want a nicer shape to their lower body?

Why It Works

What’s more, we’ve had our trainer Shataar lead the pace here, so you’re sure to get a killer sweat and calorie burn if you can keep up.  By utilizing an uptempo pace and minimizing rest periods, Shataar is better able to keep a constant level of fatigue on your leg and glute muscles, thereby giving you a better workout.  Think about it for a second; most workouts you find on the web consist of a series of exercises to complete.  Does this look familiar?

  • 4 x 10 squats
  • 3 x 8 deadlifts
  • 3 x 10 lunges

…..of course that looks familiar.  While I’m not saying this is a poor way to deliver a workout program (heck, we deliver plenty of programs like that on this blog you’re reading), I am saying there is a slightly better way of doing it.  Putting a real-life trainer on your screen in front of you affords you the opportunity to work out at controlled pace and intensity.  Simply follow along with Shataar and you’re guaranteed to work your legs and cardiovascular system to the max.

Our users, as well as some of our blog readers, have had AWESOME results using this routine two to three times a week.  If you’re worried about how you can combine this workout with another plan you’re already on..don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered.  This program is designed to help you build and lift your butt, develop toned, shapely legs, and develop explosive power that will put you on the track towards a strong and supportive base.

As I mentioned earlier, a strong base is at the very core of almost everything you’re doing fitness wise.  Expect marked improvements in your ability to perform cardio faster (and burn more calories in the process), i.e. running, biking, etc. as well as suffering from less muscle fatigue while performing cardio.  A strong lower body is essential if you want to take yourself from average to AWESOME, and this OnDemand fitness class from Share It Fitness trainer Shataar, is ready to help you get there.

To take The Strong and Sexy Workout, click this link!


Any questions about this workout…How to use it…When to use it…anything at all?  Leave a comment and I’ll get back to you shortly.



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