Total Body Blitz Series

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logo for total body blitz series
The most complete, direct and to the point workout you’ve ever tried!

The Total Body Blitz workout series is the most complete workout plan you’ve ever attempted. This three part series is 12-weeks long and designed to help you add lean muscle, burn fat, and increase your cardiovascular endurance. By combining advanced training concepts, including high-intensity interval training (HIIT), compound exercise supersets, and timed plyometric work, among others, your body is left shocked and confused. This confusion forces your body to continually adapt to the stimulus, resulting in consistent and measurable gains. When you’re ready to stop messing around and take on a real challenge, give our Total Body Blitz workout series a try and finally discover the body and health you’ve always wanted.

Part I of our Total Body Blitz series places a focus on getting your body ready for the challenge to come. The first four weeks are spent getting you accustomed to high-intensity interval training and compound lifts, while aiming to boost your metabolism and steadily increase endurance levels.

Part II of our Total Body Blitz series mixes things up by introducing advanced strength training techniques to confuse your body and ensure gains remain consistent. The intensity jumps during this phase, particularly during cardio days. A heavy emphasis is placed on plyometrics and longer HIIT cycles to really burn fat. This heavy emphasis will get you ready for the very intense part III of this series.

Part III of our Total Body Blitz series kicks the intensity up another gear. By using tough super set combos, made up of advanced compound lifts and short bursts of cardio, you’re body is pushed to the brink. The goal of part III is to raise your post-exercise oxygen consumption, and metabolic rate, which will result in an increased calorie burn during your workout and beyond.


Mila Clark

Julia Cwienkala


19 thoughts on “Total Body Blitz Series”

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    1. Good question Carlee. For the Total Body Blitz workouts, you’ll want to complete the exercises one at a time Do all sets for exercise A before moving on to exercise B, etc.

      If you’re looking for something a bit more uptempo and circuit, let me know and I can point you in the right direction. Any other questions, please ask!


  2. Hi Matt, I recently finished week 3 and then I got injured. I had to see dr., developed tendinitis in my heel/ankle. Dr. said no jumping/repetitive movements for 3 weeks, and I’ve already been off for a week. I’m hoping to get back to the gym later this week. I was wondering should I repeat week 3 to try to get some of my stamina back or just continue with where I left off. Also, what would you recommend for an alternative on days where the cardio is super sets or running. I’m still not 100% with my ankle so I can’t start back with some of the cardio, especially the supers sets even though they were such a good workout for me, that’s how I injured my heel. I look forward to your suggestions. Thanks so much!

    1. Hey Paula – sorry to hear about the ankle.

      I would suggest to go back to week three and pick up where you left off. This will help ensure workouts don’t get too difficult before you’re body is ready for that challenge.

      To avoid supersets/running, I would go with cycling, row machine, or swimming in place of running. For superset days, I would go for good total body exercises, like planking, kettlebell (or dumbbell) swings, and/or squats. Rotate these circuit-style, so you’re getting a nice muscle pump, along with the cardiovascular benefits of supersetting.

      Hope that helps, but if not, please feel free to reach back out!


  3. Thanks Matt! I guess I was on the right track thinking to repeat week 3. Hopefully I’ll get back on track, injury free. Thanks for all your suggestions.

  4. Hi Matt. I’ve just started the workout this week and am enjoying it immensely so far (though I can barely walk today). However, I am going out of town for a few days next week, and not sure I will be able to get in the exercises assigned to those days. Do you suggest picking those back up in order when i’m able, or just skipping ahead to the next week so I stay on the Monday-Friday track. I don’t want to get too far off track, but just wondered where to fill in if I miss just one or two days.

    Thanks for your help.

    1. Hey Ash –

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying the workout, and don’t worry, the soreness will subside with time. I would suggest picking back up where the schedule indicates you should be. Not ideal, but hey, sometimes that’s how it goes 🙂

      If you’re looking for something a bit more customized and adaptable to a varied schedule, I think you’d really enjoy our FitPlan fitness program. It’s completely customized to your specific goals, schedule, and workout preferences, plus you get contact with your own personal trainer. It’s also free to try, so might be worth taking a look. You can get a quick video overview here:

      Whatever you choose, we’re here to help you, so please let me know if you have any other questions!


  5. Hi Matt. I am a 18 year girl looking to get in the best shape possible. I am in pretty good shape so far because of being a cross country runner but I’m looking to lose some body fat and be as fit as possible. I’m wondering if the total body blitz series is right for me? I want something intense to get me down to about 15% body fat.Thanks!

  6. Hello I am a very skinny female looking to build body strength muscle and would like to put on about 25 pounds. Would this workout be ideal for someone like me too?

  7. Hi Matt I’m a soldier and I’m wondering if these workouts (blitz and met-conditioning) are >>good for me as a man?

    Should I do the workouts like they are or adjust the rep range to 6-8 for more difficulty and strength development?

    The last one – can I do the workouts right after short lifting session or it will be too much and burn me out?

    Basically I’m running 7-10 km 4-6 times a week and I want to start doing additional 4-5 strength/metabolic workout in the mornings.

    1. Hey there Igal – these workouts are definitely good anyone, man or woman. With the amount of cardio you’re doing, I think you’re going to have a hard time building strength/muscle. Your body is likely burning through an insane amount of calories with all that cardio and it will be very tough to maintain the caloric surplus needed to build new muscle tissue. My recommendation is to find an all-inclusive plan that combines cardiovascular training WITH strength training. Let me know if you want some suggestions and I’ll point you in the right direction.


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