Butt Workouts Suck? Why Your Butt Won’t Grow…

butt workouts

Over the years, your butt workouts (and more specifically, your butt) have become a hot topics around the blog.  From the Bubbilicious Butt Workout Program I created years ago to the 500 rep Round Mound Booty Challenge, to our MOST popular 5 Week Bubble Butt Workout Program, you can say helping you build the best glutes of your life has been a side goal of this blog.

And for good reason.  Every week we get readers asking how they can build their backside, improve their butt workouts, and generally get a butt that would make Beyonce jealous.  Over the years, I’ve gotten a first-hand look at what’s been working, and more importantly, where readers are running into trouble.  You see, sculpting that amazing bubble butt is easy on paper, but in reality, not everyone accomplishes their goals.

I wanted to really sit down and figure out what’s separating the have’s from the have not’s; why do some people seem to experience awesome progress on these plans while others don’t?  In doing so, I got to researching the topic of glute development and what it really means to have a great butt.  So today, I’m laying it all out there in hopes of helping you keep up your good progress or perhaps convincing you to change a few habits in the hope of jump-starting your booty to grow.

Why Your Butt Won’t Grow

One of the common themes related to stagnant butt growth, is simply sitting on it for too long each day.  That’s right, sitting around can make it more difficult to build that round, toned, butt. The sedentary lifestyle plays an especially negative part in limiting our gluteal muscle growth for a couple of reasons.  First, the very act of sitting is going to reduce blood flow to the region.  Blood flow is vital for muscle growth, especially after a workout.  So if you’re hitting one of our hardcore butt workout programs on your lunch break, then going back to spending the next 5+ hours on your backside, your limiting your upside.  Secondly, sitting on your butt for extended periods of time, will eventually reduce flexibility and induce muscle and joint tightness.  When your muscle fascia (the layer covering your muscles) becomes stiff, it limits muscle growth.  To really ensure your muscles have room to grow, try stretching it out for just five to ten minutes a day.

Better Butt Workouts…

Another big one is people simply not lifting heavy enough.  Your glutes are a pretty sturdy muscle.  They demand a heavy workout in order to grow.  If you’re hitting them fairly exclusively with things like body weight squats/lunges/etc. you’re probably not going to get the butt you want unless you have freak genes (more on this later).

You’re going to want to include some compound, heavy lifts that specifically target your glutes in your butt workouts.  Think of things like squats, deadlifts, and barbell reverse lunges.  All of these things are great at hitting your gluteus medias/maximas, and building that full, round, and toned backside you want.

On the flip side, using butt workouts which only stick to a handful of exercises is going to be problematic to your butt potential. Let your butt be all it can be by incorporating a few off-label exercises into your butt workouts.  Try supersetting box jumps, long jumps, high knees, or short sprints after a heavy round of deadlifts of squats.  Studies have shown incorporating uptempo HIIT work AFTER a heavy strength set is the key to maximizing lower body growth.

In addition, don’t be afraid to mix in other lower body exercises you may be unfamiliar with.  Bulgarian squat jumps, weighted twist jumps, and hamstring curls are just a few examples of awesome butt exercises that are often overlooked for more common staples. We provide the perfect mix of this to you in all of our workouts, but our 5 Week Bubble Butt program gives you an in-depth start on targeting this particular area!

Diet, Your Butt, and You…

Can we talk about your diet for a second?  I don’t care how amazing your butt workouts are; if your diet is lacking in protein or overall calories in general, you’re going to experience limited butt growth.  Understand this; muscle needs fuel to grow.  No fuel = no growth.  Your fuel is going to come in the form of lean protein and good calories.  Make sure to consume at LEAST .75 gram protein/pound of body weight each day.  I know this isn’t always the easiest thing, but seriously, if you’re killing it in the gym, don’t sell yourself short by skimping on the diet.  A chicken breast, a protein shake, a cup or two of broccoli, and a little yogurt and you’re basically there.  Make the effort in the kitchen and your butt will thank you for it.

We Can’t All be J-Lo

Last point I’m going to make, and some of you aren’t going to like this….genetics plays some role in the shape, musculature, and definition of your butt.  There’s nothing in the world you can do to change this, so best to come to terms with it now.  Some people are going to have drop-dead amazing asses with very little work in the gym.  That’s just life, and life isn’t always fair.  Others will start one of the many awesome butt workout, kill it in the kitchen day-in, day-out, and still have little to show for it.  But understand, both of these groups make up a small proportion of the population.  The majority of us will experience great progress and gluteal muscle gains by simply following a well-designed butt training program and eating a healthy diet.

So don’t be discouraged if you haven’t made the lower body progress you’ve hoped for.  Let this article sink in, analyze what you’ve been doing, and take an honest assessment of the areas you can improve.  Once you’re ready to change a few things up, come back here and let one of our tried-and-true butt workout programs guide you to the big booty promised land.

Any comments, questions, or concerns, you know what to do below….




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