Anet Antošová Helps The World Learn To Twerk


For those of you who thought TWERK was a dance move reserved purely for disastrous celebrity award shows think again! This dance phenomenon has officially positioned itself as the latest and greatest cardio staple in your workout routine. Yes you heard us, twerking is a killer workout that even the fittest-fitness-fanatic would struggle to perfect.

The mastermind behind the craze is outstanding dancer, Reebok athlete, and overall fitness guru Anet Antošová. You haven’t seen twerk skills until you have watched/shook your grove thing as this certified professional quite literally breaks it down.

Anet’s background is a series of incredible physical & professional achievements. Having been a dancer her entire life, she comes to her twerk shops maintaining that same intensity. Coupled with her extremely friendly personality, Anet gives twerking a legitimate home as a the best booty busting workout you have yet to try (outside of the club on Friday nights).

Her dance experiences and undeniable stage presence come from major collaborations with celebrities like Kanye West, where Anet danced on stages around the world. Anet travels the world packing dance studios to give in-person booty-burning TWERK BY ANET classes which sell out in minutes once announced. In an exclusive deal with Share It Fitness, TWERK BY ANET classes are now on our FitAnywhere platform and you can stream one today from your living room. This is a social workout, so invite some friends over and get a great workout together!

We were able to chat with Anet on all things twerk and beyond that, what it takes to grow your passions into a reality.

Quick background on you/dance/and how you got to be the twerk-shop goddess we know today?

 I was a happy kid with a very supportive family who wanted to try every sport, and did! Later on, I successfully competed in the biggest European (and World) Championships in hip hop solo dance. When I was 14, I went to the US to learn more about dance; specifically ballet, jazz and contemporary. During my stay in UK for half a year my interest grew heavily in street style dance while taking on new opportunities and challenges that came my way. I am a professional choreographer, dance lecturer and student of the Faculty of Physical Education and theater projects, and have appeared numerous times on various European TV shows and concert tours. I have had the chance to collaborate with many Czech and International musical artists including Kanye West.

TWERK started 2 years ago, when the owner of the Stage Prague (dance center where I teach my regular classes) came to me and showed me a video link with the predication that I would start to teach this starting the next semester. That’s how it all begun!


What are your greatest passions/motivations?

My biggest passion is the Jamaican dance style called Dancehall. My greatest motivation is to get on top and stay there as long as possible. And of course prove all of my haters wrong!

Were there any other sports you tried prior to dance? Which ones do you love? 

At first I did gymnastics and sport aerobics — I played tennis and rode horses as well — but really, I’ve done tons of different sports. Nowadays, I study Physical education and sports at Charles University in Prague, which is why I am very close to all sports and always love to try new ones! My favorite ones are definitely skiing, swimming, riding horses and gymnastics.


Least favorite form of dance?

None! Each dance has its own special traits, which makes it so original from the others. I love that variety! I choose dance over anything, it doesn’t matter what type!


Do you think Twerk can be a workout for anyone?

Most definitely! I have created workout Twerk classes that are a combination of basic useful movements from Twerk with normal workout moves. It is a fun fitness – dance – toning class for any woman, regardless of age, dance level, abilities or skills. It is for every passionate lady who loves her body and wants to do something good for herself and her problematic areas.


What aspects of your journey are you most proud of so far?

 Mostly I mention collaborations with Kanye West and other stars, but always add that I consider it a success when I see that what I do makes me and others happy. I love to be the motivation and inspiration for other people. Seeing others begin to feel satisfied with themselves, lose weight, or find a community … anything like that makes me so proud of what I do! 

Explain some of your biggest challenges in life?

 One of my biggest challenges was dancing a solo part with Celeste Buckingham on the Miss Czech Republic beauty competition, live on TV. I am used to performing live and with an artist…but this one was very special. The biggest challenge I have worked to overcome was when I decided to bring Twerk to Czech republic, I knew it would be a huge risk.


 Most memorable fitness experience of your lifetime?

The most memorable was that moment when I danced in front of 3000 people at the Reebok Wellness Marathon event – the biggest dance, fitness and aerobic party of the year!

Who are the best clients for one of your butt kicking (literally) “twerkshops”?

 Anyone looking to get out of their comfort zone and have fun!

At what point did you realize your outstanding ability to twerk?

I didn’t… twerk realized me! 

Can you talk about some of the more challenging aspects clients have to overcome during your workout classes?

You need to have courage and patience, most people need a few lessons to get the hang of it. Some learn faster, some slower, but everybody can learn it on their own level.

How can someone who has zero dance background and maybe is a little more reserved learn to jump into a lively outgoing twerk session and shake their booty?

Easily – they need to find a very good teacher who really knows how to teach it the right way – who’s friendly to everyone! In other words, ME! 🙂

What gets you out of your comfort zone?

When I perform on stage more than 3 minutes or when I have many workshops in a row; and when I have to compare my skills with somebody else in competition.


Can you explain the qualities of a natural born twerking super star?

Some people would say big booty. But I would say that it’s the same as with other dance styles – you need to have a technical prowess, great body control, desire to improve skills, sense of rhythm and most of all sex appeal! The big booty is just a plus.

Best advice you can offer to anyone wondering what to do next in their fitness journey? 

Never feel like it’s enough! Break your limits!

You have worn so many hats throughout your career….dancing on stage, teaching classes, athletic sponsorships how do you balance it all? Which hats have you learned the most from?

Workoholics don’t need to balance it, it is who they are. I like this variety in my life and learn from every aspect of it.

You have such a fun and free spirited personality! What advice do you have for others to learn to embrace this beautiful life and your beautiful self?

Have you ever met any chef who told you the secret recipe for his signature meal?  

Any outside benefits from perfecting your twerk skills?

I have definitely bigger and more bootylicious booty in my pants, full dance classes, fully booked schedule of my performances and workshops and tens of thousands of views on my YouTube channel!