The Triple Threat Metabolic Workout

Summer is officially here and let me guess…you’ve tried, stopped, tried again, and are now considering ending that “get ripped for summer” workout/program you heard all about back in May?  No surprise – those workouts are recycled year and year and put together by boring magazine editors and paper trainers.

Since it’s been some time since I wanted to create a new workout for all of you faithful readers. I got to work this past week on something that would be perfect for those of you wanting something a little different for summer.  But not only different – intense.  Something that will effectively shred through fat, slim down your core, build muscle, and help you create a physique that could easily pass for an athlete.

This workout (metabolic workout to be exact) is designed to target a few key areas:

  • Explosiveness – build fast-twitch muscle fiber and lower body power
  • Metabolism – increase metabolism and turn your body into a fat burning machine
  • Strength – build lean muscle mass and improve upper body strength

This metabolic workout is relatively simple in nature.  I’ve paired a plyometric exercise (explosiveness) with a little uptempo cardio (metabolism), and rounded things out with a power strength exercise (strength).  What we’ve got is a three-exercise mini-circuit.  Stack four or five of these and we now have one killer metabolic workout.

Exercises in a mini-circuit are performed back-to-back, with little to no rest between.  After finishing the third exercise, give yourself a 60 second rest, then move on. The concept is simple – the workout….not so much…

The Triple Threat Metabolic Workout

What you’ll need: A jump rope + dumbbells

12 DB Twist Jumps/30 seconds jump rope/12 DB Squat Press
12 Explosion Jumps/30 seconds jump rope/12 Bent Over DB Row
16 Ground Runners/45 seconds jump rope/12 Overhead DB Tricep Press
16 Weighted Speed Skaters/45 seconds jump rope/12 DB Hang Snatch
20 Russian Lunges/60 seconds jump rope/12 DB Floor Flys + Tricep Press
Take a breather, then repeat this workout 2-3x total.
One of the most important aspects of this metabolic workout is limited rest breaks.  By preforming all exercises in the three exercise mini-circuit, you’re going to accomplish a couple of important things.  First, you’re going to boost your calories spent, oxygen consumed, and muscle fatigue.  These are the ingredients that contribute towards a boosted metabolism.  A boosted metabolism is going to help you shred fat faster, make better gains, and generally achieve that “fit life” in less time.

Second, we’re going to positively effect your EPOC by performing this workout as intensely as possible.  I’ve written about EPOC extensively in the past, but to sum it up quickly, it refers to your post-exercise oxygen consumption.  In other words, how much does your body have to work to get you back to a pre-exercise state baseline?  This factor also greatly contributes to your metabolic rate, which in my opinion, is the single greatest factor in determining the type of gains you make, and how fast you make them.

So now you’re wondering; how often should I do this metabolic workout?  I’d try to squeeze this workout in two times a week to start.  Build in a couple of serious strength workouts (perhaps push/pull), add in a dedicated day of cardio, and I’d say you’re well on your way to a balanced workout program.  If you need any assistance with this metabolic workout or building that perfect workout program, just leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to get back to you.



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