Cellulite 101: How to Lose Your Most Stubborn Fat

Cellulite.  The mere mention of the word sends women (and some men) running for the hills.  But unless you’re part of a very small minority , you’ve no doubt got your own pockets of cellulite clinging to your body.  To make matters worse, you’ve probably noticed a gradual increase in these lumpy little areas as you’ve gotten older.

A lot of women assume this to be natural and accept it as a part of getting older.  Others refuse to go down without a fight and do everything under the sun to turn back the clock. But to really put up an effective fight against cellulite, it’s important to know exactly what it is and what options you have at your disposal.

Cellulite: What is it?

Quite obviously, cellulite is fat.  But as you’ve probably noticed, it doesn’t look like other areas of fat on your body.  It isn’t smooth.  Nor is it flat.  It also feels a little softer than other pockets of body fat that may be found on your body.  Cellulite is formed when accumulations of excess fat are slowly pulled down by subcutaneous attachments called septae.  When you experience an increase of body fat, like when you age or stop working out, the septae gradually pull the fat down and away from the skin.  This pulling leaves the little dimples that appear just beneath your skin.

Unfortunately there is no specific cure or quick for cellulite.  Not even cosmetic surgery can completely rid you of dreaded cellulite.  To really make a dent in your cellulite, it’s important to know what will be most effective in your fight.

Fighting Back Against Cellulite

First and foremost, losing weight by reducing overall body fat is a sure-fire way to reduce the appearance of cellulite dimples.  Consider this a “must-do” if you want to reduce the cellulite on your body.  Either start an exercise program or bump the intensity of what you’re currently doing if you want to make some strides in cellulite reduction.

Not only that, combine your workouts with a balanced diet to amplify the impact you make.  Go for high-protein, heavy on the veggies, light on the sugar, and avoid excess carbs and you should see a slow and steady reduction of cellulite over the period of weeks and months.

There has been some research that show anti-cellulite creams containing caffeine and/or retinol can make an impact on cellulite appearance.  That said, despite limited data being available, caffeine is widely regarded by those in the cosmetic industry as a cellulite fighter.  Consider any differences from using these products to be modest and likely temporary at best.

Retinol on the other hand, has been demonstrated to thicken the skin by boosting collagen production.  Thicker skin becomes tighter, and thus, reduces the appearance of cellulite.  Despite this, retinol containing products are often pricy and require frequent use.

Bottom line, if you’ve been noticing an increase of cellulite when checking yourself out in the mirror, don’t fret.  It’s not permanent, BUT, you should get started on eliminating it as soon as possible.  Reducing cellulite is going to become tougher as you age, and if you years of inactivity and poor eating have caused huge pockets of cellulite to form, you’re going to have a tough time eliminating it all.

Like most things health and fitness related, being proactive is key.  Get started on fighting back against cellulite by being sensible, following a detailed fitness program, and improving your diet as needed.  If you need help with a detailed fitness program designed specifically to eliminate cellulite, leave a comment below or send an email to info @ shareitfitness dot com and I’ll set you up with something to help get you back on track.