The Weight Loss Secret

Have you ever heard the phrase “losing weight is 40% gym, 60% diet”?  Sure, the percentages may vary, but the overall message is the same – if you’re really going to lose significant weight AND keep it off, your eating habits are the most important change you need to make.

In my experience, that message isn’t quite enough.  Telling a person what to change is one thing, but telling them how to change, is another completely.  I see people process the information above, and haphazardly go about trying to improve themselves.  They start marking down their daily gym sessions, buying better foods, avoiding the bad stuff, and generally live the way they think they should be living.  The problem is, they overwhelm themselves.  When this happens, they begin to slack in all areas, and as you probably guessed it, they end up right where they started from.

The Weight Loss Secret

Today, I’m going to introduce a new concept for anyone trying to lose weight.  Particularly, for those of you who have been having a hard time losing weight in the past, or for those who are brand new to exercise and/or weight loss.  Since you’re just getting started on this journey, or perhaps are recommitting yourself after previous tries, you’re starting with a brand new, pristine slate to work with.  This time, we’re going to do things the right way and make sure you never end up “starting over” again.

Since we (and most experts) will agree that permanent weight loss is more about diet, why do you think so much is being written about exercise, particularly for first-timers?  If diet were truly as important as the experts say, wouldn’t it make sense that a greater importance was placed on developing healthy eating habits FIRST?  You’ve got plenty of time to learn about HIIT, supersets, and all the other lingo that is becoming increasingly commonplace.

What I’m suggesting for all of you trying to get that proverbial weight loss ball rolling, is to completely ignore your workouts for the first 30 days of your journey.  In fact, I don’t want you working out at all.  Don’t run, don’t lift a weight, don’t do a single crunch. Instead, you’re going to take this time to form a solid base that will provide the foundation you need to be successful down the road.

I want you to spend your first 30 days completely focused on improving your diet.  Experts have said it takes about 30 days to learn a new habit, so by the end of this first month (provided you have stayed consistent), eating healthy should be one less “obstacle” for you to deal with on your journey.

Not only that, if your diet isn’t so great to begin with, I’m wiling to bet you’re going to lose a significant amount of weight due to your dietary changes alone.  You should realize reduce body fat, a slimmer waist, and more energy.  This will suit you well as you dive into your workouts in month two.

By focusing all of your efforts on your diet, you should see greater improvements than if you were juggling a full workout schedule as well.  After years of training a wide variety of clientele, I’ve learned taking things in smaller steps is the key to helping individuals make permanent changes.

So over the course of the next 30 days, focus on your diet.  Be mindful of the foods you’re eating (or not eating), where improvements can be made, which meals you enjoy, and when’s your most convenient time to cook.  We all have our own preferences, so learn which yours are, and play to them to make sure you stay on track.

Weight Loss Tips

Below are some tips I’d like you to follow over the next 30 days to really get your diet on track.  Don’t feel you need to rush out and achieve all of them in the first week.  Just do your best and by the end of the 30 days, aim to easily be incorporating all of these into your diet.

  • At least 64 ounces of water per day.
  • More servings of vegetables than servings of fruit.
  • Eliminate white flour, added sugar, and highly-processed foods from your diet.
  • Replace filler carbs for vegetables. Instead of bread with dinner, have extra or another veggie.
  • Low-fat protein sources
  • Cook the majority of your own meals at home
  • Make veggies the backbone of your diet

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