Reverse Eating: Change the Way You Look at Food Forever

Eating is a touchy subject for a lot of us.  It’s something we sometimes struggle with all our lives; no matter how hard we try to change our eating habits, reverting to old habits is the inevitable outcome.  But we don’t go down without a fight.  We limit ourselves to specific food groups, we count calories, points, carbs, and anything else that can be quantified. With so many tools, experts, and diets at our disposal, have you ever wondered why you continue to end up back at square one?

The issue is very basic; the traditional methods I mentioned above are all about short-term success.  They’re not very good at helping you make a permanent lifestyle change…which of course is what’s required since you’ve got, you know….a lifetime of eating ahead of you.

In order to arm you with a much more practical tool, I’m going to introduce you to something I like to call, reverse eating. Especially useful for people who have issues with portion control and/or getting enough healthy foods in their diet, reverse eating is going to change the way you look at meal time forever.

Reverse eating isn’t a diet.  It isn’t restrictive or inclusive; it doesn’t tell you which foods you should or should not be eating.  It’s simply a new WAY of eating.  The food choices you make are still up to you.  In my experience, taking on to many changes at one time is a recipe for failure.  So if your diet is still filled with a lot of crap, forget about that for the time being.  Get reverse eating down pat, then worry about making better food choices.  On the other hand, if your diet is already relatively clean, adopting reverse eating is going to be a cinch.

Because too many rules is also a recipe for failure, reverse eating has been created with simplicity in mind.  It works like this…

Start every meal with a full glass of water.

Eat the vegetables on your plate.

Eat the protein on your plate.

Eat the carbs on your plate.

That’s it.

It’s so simple it sounds a bit stupid, I’m aware.  But before you knock it, give it a try.  I’ve seen reverse eating in action and know how powerful it can be.  If you stick to the game plan, it WILL change you, your diet, and the way you view food forever.

When we break things down, the benefits are pretty obvious.  You’re filling up on the most nutrient-dense food items, taking in a modest amount of protein, and spacing out the excess carbs.

Maintaining this ratio over the longer term is going to lead to a significant boost to your health, physical appearance, and overall well-being.  Expect to drop excess body fat, improve muscle to fat ratio, and function at a higher level.  A diet primarily based in vegetables is arguably the healthiest way to live, and the best approach to avoiding heart disease, cancer, and other lifestyle-related ailments which are running rampant throughout our society.

Give it a try, even if just once a week to start. Work your way up slowly, until the majority of your meals follow the reverse eating format.  After a while, you’ll find you no longer need to maintain the structure provided by reverse eating.  Your diet will simply become more vegetable dense, protein will no longer be the spot light of every meal, and overloading on carbs will be a thing of the past.

Any questions, comments, or concerns about anything you read in this article?  Leave a comment below and I’ll happily get back to you.