The 500 Rep Round Mound Booty Challenge

It’s been a while since I posted a little something about everyone’s favorite body part.  While the Bubbilicious Butt Workout is alive and well, and remains the #1 workout ever featured on this blog, another booty workout seems due.  With that in mind, I spent the past 4 weeks coming up with something else to help you build your own round, tight, and toned butt.  What I developed is what you see today.

But fear not Bubbilicous Butt lovers, I would never make you give up your bubbilicious butt.  For that reason, I made today’s butt workout completely complementary.  That means you should feel safe switching between these two workouts as they’re going to work together, not against each other, in helping you build something worth dropping on a dance floor near you.

Another aspect of the 500 Rep Round Mound Booty Challenge is the fact I really made a point to target the glutes while limiting engagement of the hamstrings and quads.  What does this mean?  This means your butt is going to get more attention while limiting the work your quads and hammies do.  For those of you worrying about bulky legs, forget about it.  This butt workout is going to hit your booty nicely and completely eliminate that worry.

This butt workout can be completed up to three times per week on its own, or if used in conjuction with the Bubbilicious Butt Workout, alternate between plans, allotting yourself 48 hours between workouts.

So let’s get it in gear people.  It’s late February and if you’re actually going to live up to that goal of filling out the lower half of that bikini bottom this year – it’s time to get moving.  To really set yourself up for success, make sure you’re pairing this butt workout with a high-protein diet.  To build muscle requires protein, and if you’re not getting it, good luck.  If you want that tight, toned, and round booty you see in the fitness mags, you’re going to need to eat to gain.  Keep that in mind when getting started with this, or any, workout program.

The 500 Rep Round Mound Booty Challenge

So as you guessed it, we’re completing 500 reps of various butt-building exercises today.  As I mentioned, some will specifically target your glutes while others will recruit your hamstrings and quads as well.  Bottom line, your booty is going to get a serious workout and I take no responsibility for soreness that prevents you from sitting or walking straight after completing this workout.

Complete exercises in order, resting 30 seconds between sets.

3 x 20 Explosion Jumps
4 x 25 Barbell Squats
2 x 20 Bulgarian Squat Jumps (per side)
2 x 50 Donkey Kicks (per side)
2 x 50 Plated Speed Skaters (per side)
3 x 20 Dumbbell Squat Jumps
1 x 40 Butt to Floor Squats

As you can see, this workout program is using a high rep sequence.  I want you to pick the right weight so you’re just about at that fatigue point by your last few reps.  Take a full 30-45 second rest, then go right back at it.

One key technique I want you to use to really engage the glutes – press off your heals (not your forefoot) when doing any sort of squat.  This will really shift the focus from your quads to your butt, and give you better results in the process.

There you have it – if you’ve got any questions, comments, or concerns, you know what to do in the comment section below.

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