The 10 Step HIIT/Plyo MAX OUT Fitness Program

It’s amazing how much I enjoy hearing people bitch and moan about things.  The stuff you guys send in is absolute gold.  It really helps me tone in where I need to focus on, or what direction the next workout program is going to go.  Like clockwork, this holiday season was no different, and my inbox was flooded with potential workout programs and blog ideas.

Some of the chief complaints we fielded over the lead up to New Year’s went a little something like this…

“I hate my butt, I can’t add anything back there – what should I do?”


“I’ve been eating so clean and lost a ton of weight which was awesome but now I can’t lose any more! What’s going on?”

or how about…

“Matt, I’ve been using your workouts for a long time.  They used to work, but now they suck.  What the hell?”

Fear not.  It’s not the workouts, it’s not your lack of effort, and it’s (probably) not your diet.  The fact of the matter is, you just need something new to spice up your exercise life.  Following any program for too long results in diminished returns, so how about we jump into 2015 with a brand spanking new workout program that, I can almost guarantee, is unlike anything you’ve tried yet?

I thought long and hard about this one.  I hit the gym with a few mostly willing test subjects and went to work.  For the past 3 weeks, I’ve been putting together a workout that is going to address some of the most common complaints I’ve noticed over the past month.

Far too many of you are reporting lack of returns from your hiit workout programs.  You’re putting in the time but just not getting enough back.  That changes today.  Others of you are happy that you’re leaning out, but can’t seem to have any effects on one particular trouble spot.  I’ve got you covered there. Still others aren’t happy with how slowly they’ve been building muscle.  Noted.

I took these three ideas to heart and set out to build a hiit workout program that will challenge you, keep you engaged, and deliver on the goals we’ve developed for this particular plan.  The result is something I’m especially proud of and a fitness program that’ll be supremely effective in helping to reduce body fat, build a leaner more athletic physique, and keep you effectively engaged throughout.

I’d like to introduce you to the 10 Step MAX OUT HIIT/Plyo Fitness Program.  As the name eludes, this one is all about using HIIT and/or plyomeric technique in each of the workouts.  This is great because so few of you are actually doing this kind of work more than once a week…at best!  This new exercise format is going to really spur some changes in your body, help pack on some lean muscle, strip away fat, and leave you in a better position than when you started.

Not Your Average HIIT Workout…

To keep things really interesting and help you push yourselves to the max, I introduced another little component to the mix.  Each workout has an associated challenge goal.  This workout program is designed to be completed in steps.  You stick with each workout (or step) until you’re able to successfully achieve its challenge goal.  Doesn’t matter if it takes you two or three weeks for the same workout, you stick with it until you’ve achieved your goal.

You’ll progress through each workout until you’ve completed all ten hiit/plyo workouts. The entire program is designed to be completed in four to six weeks, depending on your current level of fitness.  That said, it’s entirely possible it takes double that if you haven’t been pushing it hard in the gym lately.

As you may have guessed, workouts (and their associated challenge goals) get tougher as the program progresses.  You’ll need to really give it your all, both in the gym and out, to make sure you keep hitting your challenge goals and progressing through the workouts.

Jump over to Share It Fitness today to sign up for the 10 Step MAX OUT HIIT/Plyo Program and see what it can do for you and your body today.