How to Determine Which Workout Program is Best for You

Close your eyes for a minute.  Imagine yourself in picture perfect health.  All your fitness goals met.  All your dreams satisfied.  You are the fittest you’ve ever been in your life.  What do you see?  What type of body are you envisioning?

If you’re like nearly anyone I’ve ever worked with you’re seeing a lean, tight core, defined arms and legs, a strong back…and perhaps even a little perk to your butt?  Sound about right?

Find the right workout program, eat right, stay consistent, and you should be able to achieve all of the above.  It couldn’t be more simple.

Obviously I’m being facetious here.  Things are never that easy, especially when it comes to fitness.  If you’re having problems getting from the vision in your head to the body staring back at you in the mirror, you’re in the majority.  The issue as it turns out, isn’t necessarily that one workout program is great, one’s bad, and you just happen to be choosing poorly.  The real issue stems from continually following workout programs that aren’t best-suited for your particular body type and mind-set.  To be successful, you’ve got to play to your strengths – if there’s one thing I’ve learned in all my years of doing this, it’s that very fact.

To get to the bottom of which type of workout program is right for you, I’ve put together a little diagnostics quiz to help you make that determination.  Picking wisely will help maximize your time in the gym, produce better results, and keep you more engaged with your workouts.

Below, you’ll find a variety of questions designed to gauge your current fitness abilities, current body composition, likes and dislikes, and previous workout experiences. Your answers are corresponded to differing points, and based on your point total, you’ll receive feedback as to which type of workout program is best-suited for you.

No more guessing whether or not a certain program is going to work.  With the information provided to you, you’ll be better armed to find the best workout program to tackle your goals and deliver the results you deserve.

Note the points associated with each answer and create a running tally of your total points.  Your point total will be used at the end of the diagnostic quiz to analyze where you stand.

1.  Do you currently work out?
Yes B. No
A is 2 points. B is 0 points.

2.  If you had to pick one type of exercise as your favorite…
A. Lifting Weights
B. Cardio only
C. Weight/Cardio Combination
A is 3 points. B is 1 points. C is 2 point.

3.  How are your current motivation levels?
A. Sky-high
B. Moderate
C. Low
A is 3 points. B is 2 points. C is 1 point.

4.  How would you describe your diet?
A. Clean and strict nearly all of the time.
B. I eat well most days a week
C. My diet could use improvement
A is 1 point. B is 2 points. C is 3 points.

5.  How long is your ideal workout?
A. 60+ minutes
B. 45 minutes
C. 30 minutes or less
A is 2 points. B is 2 points. C is 1 point.

6.  I have a goal to complete an endurance race in the next 6-12 months.
A. Yes  B. No
A is 1 point. B is 2 points.

7.  Do you consider yourself athletic?
A. Yes   B. No
A is 2 points. B is 0 points.

8.  Do you enjoy a lot of variety in your fitness program

A.  Yes, I enjoy a variety of different workouts.
B. No, I enjoy the familiarity of similar workouts.
A is 2 point. B is 1 point.

9.  The area of my body I would most like to improve is my…
A. Stomach area
B. Lower body
C. Upper body
A is 2 points. B is 1 point. C is 3 points.

10.  I consider myself over weight.
A. Yes B. No
A is 1 point. B is 0 points.

11.  When I workout consistently, I notice changes in my physical appearance before other people notice.
A. Yes, I always notice first   B. I usually don’t notice until someone else comments
A is 1 point. B is 2 points.

12.  I have one or more “problem” areas on my body that I simply cannot lose fat from.
A. Yes B. No.
A is 2 points. B is 1 point.

13.  I find that I put on muscle easily when I lift weights consistently
A. Yes B. No C. I’ve never lifted weights consistently
A is 3 points. B is 1 point. C is 0 points.

14.  I get discouraged easily when I cannot achieve my goal quickly.
A. Yes B. No
A is 2 points. B is 1 point.

15.  I find it easier to build muscle than to lose excess body fat.
A. True B. False
A is 1 point. B is 0 points.

16.  I frequently hit plateaus where my body stops making progress despite continued exercise.
A. Yes B. No
A is 1 point. B is 2 points.

If your score was between 26-33 points…

You’d be best suited completing an uptempo muscle-building plan with a focus on compound lifts, metabolic conditioning, and attention to improving core strength.  This type of plan will suit your body well and help you make the type of progress you’re looking for.  An example of this type of workout program would be our 3X9 Compound Strength Workout Program.

If your score was between 21-25 points…

A more traditional approach would be best for someone in your shoes.  A combination of a standard split schedule program paired with a more specific routine would be the ideal choice for you.  Combining out Total Body Blitz Workout Program with the Bubbilicious Butt Workout or The Greatest Ab Workout in the World would be a great starting place.

If your score is 20 or below…

A focus on explosive, high-paced workouts, combined with short bursts of weight training is likely going to suit you well.  The low rep nature of your weight training sessions will help continue our fat burn while also improving muscular definition and strength.  This type of workout program will help enhance athleticism which will lead to a more defined and lean physique.  The best workout program for someone like you would be something along the lines of our Cardio/Strength Tone Up Challenge.

A few things to keep in mind.

-Your score is not indicative of your current fitness levels or future potential.  It is simply a system for better understanding which type of program may be best suited for you and your goals.
-This quiz is basic in nature; there is no way to possible analyze the perfect workout program for you without a more detailed interview.  Use this as a basic guideline.
-If you’re looking for a completely customizable workout program with daily workouts which ARE specifically designed for you personally, you would be best suited to check out our FitPlan and sign up to receive your own fitness coach and personalized workout program.

Have any questions about this diagnostic quiz?  Leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to get back to you with more information.