The 7 Minute Burpee Workout

I’ve been on a bit of a fusion kick lately.  I don’t know what it is, but I haven’t been content with the workouts that normally get me amped up.  I’ve been playing around with a variety of different exercise formats, combining them together, trying to put together the next “Bubbilicious Butt” workout.

The past couple of weeks I’ve gotten really interested in one of those exercises we all love to hate – the burpee.  Let’s face it, when it comes to a total ass-kicking exercise, the burpee takes the cake. If you’re looking for a fat-burning, metabolism-boosting exercise, it’s hard to argue against the burpee.

So when I made it a goal to create a workout that burned a minimum of 600 calories in 45 minutes or less, I naturally turned to this total body thrasher.  Now, I’m aware how tedious 45 minutes of straight burpees can be.  If you’re anything like me, your attention span in the gym is stretched pretty thin.  You need variety to keep yourself engaged and motivated throughout a full workout.

With that in mind, I made sure this exercise was still absolutely killer, but varied enough to keep up the most ADD individuals engaged. I utilized six different types of burpees to really keep things interesting, while still absolutely intense.

Burpees Fused

Along with the wide variety of burpees, I also wanted to include another exercise format to further define this workout.  As I mentioned above, I’ve really been all about fusion workouts lately.  One workout I’ve been reading a ton on, made it’s main stream debut early last year.  The 7 minute workout was introduced by ACSM, having been scientifically shown to improve cardiovascular endurance, fat-burning potential, and metabolism.

By combining the 7 minute workout format with my six unique burpee varieties, I was able to create a 42 minute workout with high caloric burn potential.

The workout is simple.  For seven minutes you’ll complete one variety of burpees.  You’ll work at max intensity for 40 seconds straight.  Then you’ll take a 20 second rest.  You repeat this :40/:20 format seven times, for seven total minutes of work PER burpee.

Once you’ve completed the first burpee in the workout, you’ll move on to the next, following the same timed format.

The intensity of this burpee workout really hits you around the 20th minute mark  Your speed is likely to start slacking, but that’s to be expected.  The key to this workout, and to ensure you’re burning the maximum calories and fat, is to always keep moving.  Rest when you’re supposed to rest, but work when you’re supposed to work.

Check out the exercises below, making sure to complete each in order.  Hit it hard, limit those rest breaks, and in just 42 minutes you’ll have shed a ton of calories, cut back on the body fat, and taken you’re body one step closer to that lean, mean, athletic machine you’ve been working towards.

Feel free to utilize this workout as part of your cardiovascular training requirements up to three times per week.

7 min Burpees
7 min Side Burpees (alternating sides)
7 min Burpee Twists
7 min Weighted Burpees
7 min Dead Burpees
7 min Single-Leg Burpees (alternating legs)