How to Create the Perfect Travel Workout

Keeping up consistency with your workouts is the single greatest predictor of your fitness success.  For this reason, it’s important to be able to call on a variety of different workouts that’ll meet the changing demands of your life.  One of fastest ways we fall off track our routine is when we go out-of-town.  We’re out of our element, away from our home gym, perhaps are a bit cramped on the room, and fall of the wagon.

To prevent this from happening, it’s vital to have something to immediately fall back on.  Often referred to as “hotel room” workouts, the standard travel workout is something that lets you stay fit in less than ideal conditions.  As I’m currently on the road myself and doing my best to stay in shape when there isn’t a gym to be found within 100 miles (or should I say kilometers), I’ve been looking into a variety of travel workouts lately.

To be frank, the bulk of what I’m finding just plain sucks.  These workouts seem like they’re designed for barely breaking a sweat.  Maybe that’s the goal.  I don’t know.

In any case, rather than provide yet another grandma of a workout, I wanted to give you guys what I consider to be the four most important exercises in any travel-style workout.  These exercises can form the basics of your travel workout, or if you aren’t easily bored, can be repeated, circuit-style for a set length of time to be used as a full workout.  To make things a little more interesting, you could always turn it into a little challenge and see how many rounds you can knock out in 30-40 minutes of work.

The 4 “Must Have” Travel Workout Exercises

All of these exercises are going to accomplish a few things.  They’re complex in nature, meaning they are going to target multiple muscle groups.  Not only that, most are also strenuous enough to pump your heart rate and get that sweat dripping.  By combining all four together, you’re going to get a nice total body workout, while also dropping some sweat and cutting those calories.

This cardio/strength combination is also the key method for boosting your metabolism and improving the rate at which you burn fat daily.

Lastly, these exercises are all accomplished in a small area.  You don’t need equipment or tons of room to perform these travel exercises.  Just your body and an area no bigger than a New York City sized shoebox hotel room will do.

Push Up/Dip Turnovers

The push up/dip turnover is the perfect total body exercise, especially when you’re limited on space.  Hitting your chest, shoulders, triceps, and especially the core, this exercise is a beast and great at keeping your major muscle groups engaged even while you’re away from the weights.

Not only that, keep a steady pace between your push up and dips, and you’re guaranteed to bump that heart rate up into the fat burning zone.

Narrow Squat Pulses + Wide Burpees

Want a lower body killer + cardio blast?  Narrow squat pulses + wide burpees are the perfect combination exercise to do just that.  Really ripping up those lower body muscles including the hamstrings, quads, and glutes will help keep you tight and toned down below.

Performing wide burpees will make sure your heart rate stays high after your push/up dip turnovers.

Horizontal Jacks

Kind of like a jumping jack…except we’re taking things down to the ground…and forcing you to hold a plank instead of waving your hands all around your head in ridiculous fashion.  The horizontal jack is perfect for tearing up your core, chest, and shoulders while really placing emphasis on sky-rocketing that heart rate.

This is one of those travel exercises that is just so perfectly simple you’ll wonder why you were doing anything else before.  This one is definitely a tough exercise, so you may need to work your way up to using this one in your travel workout circuits.

Hindu Push Ups

So much more than just a regular push up, the hindu push up is a fantastic total body muscle builder.  The isometric nature of this exercise is perfect for pushing your muscles to the brink without the use of weights.

Hindu push ups are one of the toughest travel exercises around and definitely guaranteed to burn those muscles out like few others.

Like I mentioned above, these are just four of many exercises that are perfectly suited for a travel workout.  But, given the nature of these four, they are more than enough to create a killer total body, fat-blasting, muscle-building workout all by themselves.

To create your own travel workout which you can take with you wherever you go, check out this idea…

Complete exercises in order.  Rest as needed.  Set a clock for 30 minute and complete as many rounds as possible.

  • 12 reps Push Up/Dip Turnovers
  • 10 reps Narrow Squat Jacks + Wide Burpees
  • 8 reps Horizontal Jacks
  • 6 reps Hindu Push ups

Are you traveling at the moment?  Let us know where you are and take a picture/video of yourself doing one of the following exercises.  Be sure to tag @shareitfitness on Instagram for a chance to win some SIF swag!