3 Game Changers When You’re Looking for Motivation

Alarm goes off, just like it has every morning for this entire year. Time for another trip to the gym, run outside, spinning class, Share it Fitness intervals, whatever your routine may be you just know that it has been done about 100 times. This time of the year is the perfect storm for burnout. Chances are it’s colder outside, getting darker earlier, and if you have to hill climb to Eye of the Tiger one more time at Cycle you may just lose your mind. You formed a habit that felt like it was working and then at some point it just got monotonous. It’s like wearing the same shoes every day, or constantly re-watching the pilot episode of House of Cards. For about a week it’s sublime but eventually the thought of Kevin Spacey staring into your soul as your toes hang out the holes in your shoes makes you want to cringe.

Fitness is a lifestyle and just like any day-to-day, the routine of it can will get damn boring.  You can read anywhere about the necessity of changing it up when it comes to your health routines, but knowing exactly what to change is the hard part. It has been my experience that when your workout starts to get boring, many times it is due to a few other things in life that are getting just as stale.

The bottom line is, if you don’t get yourself out of bed, away from the TV, and off the couch that whole ‘new lifestyle’ resolution is going to be a little harder to achieve.

Here are a few game changers to zap the monotony and get back at if for 2015.

1. Get a new breakfast now.

Whether you eat before or after the gym (whether you workout in the morning at all) if you have been eating the same egg whites for the past 365 days step away from the stove and redirect. One of the best things I have done as of the past few months is opt for a morning smoothie instead of the signature oatmeal and fruit I was becoming overly attached to. Your breakfast meal sets the tone for the day if your oatmeal is getting stale chances are your gym time is too.

Drink this green smoothie for maximum energy and a dose of just about everything you need to start your day on the right note.

  • 1 cup kale
  • 1/2c spinach
  • 1 (unripe) banana
  • 1 pear
  • 1 lemon
  • 2 tsp cinnamon

Don’t think about it just blend and drink you won’t be sorry.

2. Reverse it.

Everyone has their thing, that workout routine that  makes your comfort zone that much more comfortable. I was ALWAYS doing a 20 minute moderate run with about 20 minutes of whatever circuits I planned afterwards. People were starting to notice. Instead of flipping the whole routine upside down, switching around parts of what you have been working on is an excellent way to change it up with out actually changing it up for those of us afraid to get out of the bubble. Moving the 20 minute run to the end made for an entirely different challenge!

And for those who are ready to get out of the bubble..read how to revamp your cardio and try this killer album workout.

3. Take more rest days

Opinions on rest days vary as much as your workouts should, but when trying to start a new routine or get back on track, overdoing it is a sure-fire way to burn yourself out before you even have the chance to get going. Do what works for you if you are going hard 7 days a week working a few more rest days. If you aren’t entirely sure what you are doing make a day or so lower impact days. Go for a walk instead of lifting, cycle instead of boot camp, anything that keeps you moving at lower intensity works here!

Tis’ the season for new fitness endeavors. Don’t let yours get derailed by overusing last year’s worn out tactics.