Pump Up Your Booty with a Combination HIIT/Plyo Butt Workout

Been trying in vain to add a little muscle mass to your backside?  Tired of your pants sagging because you’ve got a pair of legs that just magically disappear into your lower back?  Good news, you’re not alone.  Better news, I’m going to help you change your flat butt with a workout routine that’s guaranteed to deliver big results.

For those of us lacking in the big booty department, conventional fitness advice has typically prescribed a healthy diet of squats, dead lifts, and lunges.  All great exercises, and absolutely vital in any quest for that Nicki Minaj money maker.  But the trouble is, simply relying on these exercises alone isn’t going to get you there.  What your butt workout program needs, is the addition of another format of exercise which has been scientifically demonstrated to increase the effects of those standard exercises.

I’m talking about introducing a HIIT/Plyometric component to your butt and leg workouts to double the effects of your training.  By pairing a HIIT/Plyo workout to what you’re already doing, you’re going to jump start lean muscle growth in your butt, and finally have a little something going on down there.

1 + 1 = 3?

Think of it like this; we’ve all probably taken medication at one time or another that came with a little warning, “Alcohol will intensify the effects…”.  Sound familiar?

By combing your standard butt/lower body workout routine with a body weight-centered HIIT/Plyo workout, you’re going to intensify the effects of both workouts.  A study by (fill in study here) backs this claim by showing the results of an all lower body weight training program vs. a combination plyometric + weight training program.  Not only that, this study has been replicated numerous times over, so you should feel confident in this training methodology.

The best approach is alternating your heavy, lower body days with your intense HIIT/Plyo training days to realize the best results and develop that killer butt and those toned egs which have eluded you to this point.

The HIIT/Plyo Workout for A Better Butt and Toned Legs

As we hopefully know by now, HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training.  It’s usually associated with uptempo bouts of cardio, but it can be transferred to other formats of exercise…which is exactly what we’re doing today.

Our HIIT sessions are going to strictly involve exercises that are specifically designed to target your butt.  When performed in HIIT fashion, these butt exercises are going to go a long way to adding the muscle that’s come so slowly to this point.  When performing a HIIT exercise, I want you to perform the exercise at all out max-intensity for 20 seconds.  While keeping form, knock out as many reps as possible.  When these 20 seconds are up, return to a more relaxed pace, continuing to perform the exercise for 40 additional seconds.  Repeat this :20/:40 format a total of three times, for three minutes of HIIT work per exercise. Give yourself a 30-45 second rest after completing each HIIT exercise.

We’ve interspersed explosive lower body plyometric drills to continue pounding your legs and butt.  These plyo exercises are going to be mixed in with the HIIT work described above.  We’ve kept rep sequences high to really tear up those lower body muscles and ensure you get a deep burn.  Complete all plyo reps in as few sets as possible, only resting when your form begins to slack.  Lastly, remember to perform all plyometric work with high-intensity; explode high off the ground, but land softly with slightly bent knees.

So check it out, your better booty workout is going to go something like this…

HIIT Butt to Floor Squats

25 Pulse Squat Jumps

HIIT Alternating Reverse Lunges

25 Russian Lunges

HIIT Bench Step Ups 

25 Explosion Jumps

HIIT Weighted Speed Skaters 

25 Bulgarian Squat Jumps (per leg)

This workout should clock in at just about 20 minutes if you’re following a healthy pace.  Feel free to run through this lower body circuit once more for a complete, 40-ish minute workout.  Remember, keep performing your standard butt and leg exercises in addition to today’s workout.  Stay with it, and within a few weeks, you should definitely experience some noticeable differences in the shape and tone of your butt and legs. If you’re looking for more of a guided plan that focuses on shaping your derriere in the most efficient manner, check out our 5 Week Bubble Booty program!