Lift.. STOP.. Lift Your Way to Tight + Toned Muscles!

Let’s talk about weight lifting for a few minutes today – how’s that sound?  I’m about to let you in on a little weight lifting secret that’s going to help you add some serious muscle to your body.  This little trick is probably something you’ve never thought of trying before, but once you know what it is and see how easy it can be to incorporate, you’re going to wonder why you never considered this before.

First, why don’t we consider what normally comes to mind when someone mentions “weight lifting”.  There’s not much to consider actually, it’s directly in the name; lifting and lowering a weighted object.  Sound about right to you?  Obviously, this is as basic as it gets.  You lift a weighted object, your muscles fatigue, you take a rest, then repeat.  You do this enough, and be sure to take enough time off to allow your muscles to recuperate, and voila, you get larger, more defined muscles.  Of course, you do this same routine long enough, and the positive effects of weight lifting begin to wear off.  This of course leads to more effort for diminished gains – a pretty raw deal no matter how you slice it.

The key to keeping your muscles growing at a nice and steady flow, is by not only varying your routine, but by delivering different type of stressors to the muscle.  Today’s blog post is all about a new type of stressor called isometric conditioning. Isometric conditioning is simple – it’s muscle flex without contraction.  To make it simple for you to understand, think about this.  Imagine you pick up a heavy bucket of water with both hands.  You raise the bucket until it reaches eye level.  As you continue to use your strength to hold the bucket at eye level without raising or lowering it, you’re performing an isometric lift; the muscle fatigues without contraction.

By working this style of lifting into your standard routine, you’re going to give your muscles a serious kick in the pants and stimulus growth which will help you build nice, toned muscles, jump-start your metabolism, and ultimately shed excess body fat from head to toe.  Now that’s not such a bad deal is it?

There are of course a hundred and one ways to utilize isometric conditioning, and today’s post is about one such method.  We’re shooting for three sets of 10 today, with isometric holds on your LAST THREE REPS.  So check it out, it’s going to go something like this.

Let’s say we’re doing bicep curls.  We’re doing three sets of 10 reps.  Our first seven reps are performed like any other standard bicep curl. On rep eight, we lift the weight, and when we reach the mid point, we hold.  And we hold.  And we keep on holding.  Count off 15-20 seconds in your head, then lower.  We’re now getting ready for rep nine, where we repeat the exact same process.  This proceeds to rep 10.  After that, take a full minute break, then repeat for another two sets.  Pretty simple, right?

This workout combines standard concentric movement with isometric conditioning to give you a total muscle blow out.  Make no mistake about it, this workout is tough, so expect to work harder than usual.

Follow along with the exercises below, and as always, leave a comment or send us an email if you’ve got any questions about this routine.

3 x 10 Bench Press (hold at the top of the lift)

3 x 10 Overhead Dumbbell Press (hold at the mid point)

3 x 10 Bench Dips (hold at the mid point)

3 x 10 Bent Over Barbell Rows (hold at the top of the lift)

3 x 10 Incline Bench Press (hold at the top of the lift)

3 x 10 Barbell Skull Crushers (hold at the mid point)

3 x 10 Lateral Raises (hold at top of the lift)