12 New Types of Planks to Tighten Your Core FAST

We all know the plank.  It’s a staple of workout programs everywhere and a favorite punishment tool for personal trainers everywhere.  But if we’re being completely honest, it’s a bit boring, no?  Holding the plank position is about as lame as it gets.  While you’re sitting there doing your best to keep your core tight, it’s hard not to watch the seconds slowly tick by on that wall clock.  So although it’s a great exercise for improving core strength and definition, the fact it can be so tedious means you’re probably not doing it as often as you should be.

In order to spice up the standard plank, I’ve put together 12 variations that are sure to make this core exercise something you may actually look forward to.  Not only am I adding a little variation, in quite a few of the following exercises, I’ve made things more difficult.  We’re increasing effectiveness and variation of the plank in order to get you a tight and defined midsection.  Of course, doing planks for days isn’t going to do a thing for that belly fat; consider pairing any core workout program with an uptempo cardio routine for best results.

So without further adieu, let’s get right into our top 12 plank variations…

  1. Plank Ups



2.  Plank Rows


3.  Spider Planks


4.  Plank Crunch


5.  Up/Down Planks


6.  Renegade Planks


7.  180 Planks


8.  Reaching Planks


9.  Crazy Planks

10.  Horizontal Jack Planks

11.  Triple Plank Hop

12.  Extend + Row Planks


So there you have it.  Twelve totally awesome and more effective ways to do the common plank exercise.  If you’re looking for a way to tighten up your core, look no further than these exercises above.  Pick a few, mix n’ match, or maybe make an entire planking circuit if you’re up for a real challenge.

Bottom line, if you want a tight, healthy, and fabulous six pack, you’ve got to start including some of these exercises into your routine.  If you’re looking for any specific guidance, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll happily get back to you as soon as possible!