The 10 Minute AFTERBURN // FAT LOSS Treadmill Workout

How do you typically end a workout?  If you’re answer is anything along the lines of, “finish my last set, hit the water fountain, then take the long walk back to my car”, you’re doing something wrong.  The last minute you spend in the gym is arguably the most important time of your entire workout for fat loss or muscle gain.  If you don’t have a dedicated plan for how you’re spending those 10-15 minutes, you’re leaving  lot on the table.

As mentioned before, ending your workout in a ferocious flurry of dripping sweat is one of the best things you can do for yourself, especially if fat loss is one of your primary goals.  The reason for this has to do with an often overlooked phenomenon called EPOC.  Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption, or EPOC for short, refers to the amount of oxygen (and calories) required to get your body back to pre-exercise state.  As you suck in more air following that last burst of intensity, your body proceeds to burn more calories.  That heightened heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, etc. all need to be regulated, and doing so takes calories.  You want to really spike these values right before you leave the gym, forcing your body to work overtime.

Not only that, ending on such an intense high note will also help keep your metabolism elevated for the next several hours.  The key to burning fat and toning up is maintaining a high metabolism.  Burn that fat all day long, rather than the 45-60 minutes you’re at the gym by doing everything you can to ensure a good metabolic boost is occurring when you leave the gym.

Last but not least, when performing your cardio after a 30+ minute, intense weight training session, you’re automatically burning fat over carbohydrate stores.  This makes your cardio session even more valuable if you’re aiming to burn fat and lean out your body.

The 10 Minute AFTER BURN Treadmill Workout

So in an effort to help you with all of the above, I put together this quick (note, I didn’t say easy) 10-minute treadmill after burn workout.  I’ve been using this fat-burning workout myself, three to four days a week, after standard weight lifting sessions.  Frankly put, I don’t think I’ve noticed anything help me lean out faster than this 10-minute after burn workout has.

You’re going to want to include this after burn workout a minimum of three days a week to see noticeable fat loss changes.  Personally, throwing them at the tail end of an intense weight lifting session is my favorite way to use this workout.  I know I’ve burned through all my carb stores and will be burning straight body fat for one, but also, I’ve noticed my metabolism gets a nice boost when I combine both weights and intense cardio in one workout.  Your mileage may vary, but play around and see what gets your body into its best fat burning mode.

Give this a try today at the gym and be sure to let me know what you think in the comments section below…

0-2 minutes run at 7.5 mph

2-3 minutes run at 9 mph

3-4 minutes run at 5 mph + 8% incline

4-6 minutes run at 7.5 mph

6-7 minutes run at 9 mph

7-8 minutes run at 4 mph at 12% incline

8-10 minutes run at 8 mph


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