The High/Low Core Workout Program

A few weeks ago, I put together the High/Low Workout Program which provided a different way to blast your muscles.  We hit you with high sets/low weight one day, followed by low sets/high weight.  As it turns out a lot of you guys really enjoyed this format.  And who can blame you?  I’ve personally been utilizing the High/Low format in my own workouts for months now, and let me tell you, I don’t think I’ve experienced faster muscle growth on anything else.  EVER.

So sure enough, I started getting calls for another type of High/Low program, this time, focusing on the core muscles.  C’mon now… everyone wants a nice, sleek, slender set of abs, right?  I should have seen this one coming.  Nonetheless, I’ve spent the past couple of weeks playing around with a bunch of different routines until settling on what I’m going to share with you today.

High/Low for Fast Muscle Growth

This High/Low Core Workout is designed to achieve the same goals as its predecessor; quick muscle growth, improved metabolism, better tone and shape to your body.  We hit your core muscles with the same format, really giving you one of the most comprehensive core workout programs around.  Since we’re only targeting one major muscle group here, we’re going to want to make a slight alteration.  Instead of using this workout five days a week, go for two days to start.  If you feel you can ramp it up by adding one more day, go ahead.  I would advise using this more than three days a week however.

You might be wondering how this workout should be used.  Well, I thought long and hard about this.  Core workouts are typically thrown in after a regular workout, consisting of 15-20 minutes of work, or are often used as a stand-alone program.  While I think both have merits, if you’re really trying to make a difference in your core strength and definition, two dedicated core workouts a week are what you’re going to need.  And quickly, my caveat to the above; you’re not building that six-pack if you’ve still got loads of body fat, so you better believe cardio is going to need to be a strict participant in the above equation.

The High/Low Core Workout Program

The program is broken up into two days.  As mentioned, one high sets/low weight, the other low sets/high weight.  It’s pretty simple to handle, though don’t mistake that to mean these core workouts are easy.  Total workout time will run you about 30-40 minutes.  I highly recommend you throw in some uptempo cardio at the end of each of these core workouts.

High Sets/Low Weight

Use a strict 20-30 second rest between sets.

Low Sets/High Weight

I want you going HEAVY here.  You should be very near fatigue during your last rep of each set.  Allow 60 seconds rest between sets.

Give that a try, and see how it works for you.  Remember, if you’re feeling sore (and you probably will be) hold on doing the next workout.  Allowing your core muscles a chance to heal after a workout is just as important as the work out itself…so don’t diminish your hard work by trying to push things too fast.

Any questions about this workout?  Feel free to leave a comment below and I’d be happy to get back to you.