Burn Fat Faster by Saying “Goodbye” to Cardio-Only Days

I’m going to tell you about a little problem I’ve noticed amongst fitness circles for quite some time now.  Far too often, well-meaning workout programs seeking to help you burn fat and tone up, divide your workouts into two different segments. You’ve all seen it – one day is cardio, the next is weights, and so on.  Sure, these workout programs can work, but what about those of you who are sick of those last 5-10 pounds of body that’s been hanging around for longer than you’d care to admit?

Face the facts; the segmented cardio/strength workouts just aren’t going to cut it.  Sure, you get some metabolic boost from the strength component, and provided you’re doing explosive cardio, you’ll burn some calories.  But in all my years in the biz, I’ve seldom seen this type of plan get someone into the jaw-dropping shape most of us are at least striving for.

Perhaps a little less common, and a bit more effective, is the complex/circuit workout which combines cardio and strength exercises all in one.  Again, this can be an effective workout, and in fact is something I blog about often, but it doesn’t work for everyone.  The thing is, you’ve got to really find what works for YOUR body.  While this workout format is great for developing endurance and leaning out, I’ve found it won’t help cut those last, most stubborn pounds of body fat in a fair number of people.

If what I’m describing above sounds like you, keep reading.  If you’re really trying to step up your fat burning potential and build that dream body, you’ve got to go for something a little different.  A little more extreme.  I’m not talking about killing yourself for hours upon hours in the gym each week.  No, no…that stuff’s for the birds.  I’m talking about making a very concerted, dedicated effort towards a specific type of workout.  So get it straight, this workout is deliberate.  It’s down to the point and will no doubt test your limits.  But you know what, I’ve seen the results of this countless times over, and for those of you looking to burn fat faster, lean out, or cut through those stubborn, last few pounds….this. is. your. workout.

Why it Works for Fat Loss

The reason this workout is so effective for fat loss is because it makes use of one very simple principle; energy depletion.  But first, a (very) quick physiology lesson; when you do work, your body taps glycogen stores, which allow it to perform.  Glycogen is simply stored energy.  Once your body has burned through glycogen (after roughly 30 minutes of pure cardio) it begins burning stored fat. So think of it like this…when you do your 30 minutes of HIIT, or God forbid, steady-state cardio, your first 30 minutes are simply burning up your energy supply for the day.  We want to change that a little and make sure you’re cardio is burning through your fat stores, because after all, pure cardio is going to burn more calories (and fat) than the act of physically lifting weights.

But wait…the act of physically lifting weights is fantastic for burning through glycogen stores. Once you’ve pounded it out with some good, heavy lifting, you’re now in fat burning zone.  This is the promised land you’ve been after.  This is what’s going to allow you to really make some fast changes in your reduction of body fat.

Still with me?  Good job.  We’re almost done, so keep reading and you’ll see a real workout I use with myself and my clients which really embraces this philosophy described above.

Your (Super) Fat Loss Workout

So the idea is simple; we’re going to pound your muscles hard and heavy for the first 30-35 minutes.  Then, we’re going to get you doing some intense cardio which will burn pure fat, thus helping you lean up faster than anything you’ve likely ever tried.

The key point here is, you’ve got to really go hard on the weights.  No taking 90+ second breaks between sets.  I want you to move deliberately between exercises, go heavy, and really induce serious muscle fatigue.  This is the cornerstone of this workout, so really make the weights challenging for you.

Perform each combo below back-to-back.  Only rest after completing the second exercise.  Complete each two-exercise combo a total of 3 times.

If you’re sticking to the rest breaks as indicated, that should take you no more than 3oish minutes.  Next, we’re on to the cardio.  I suggest a minimum of 15 minutes to start making noticeable differences in your fat loss.  Start easy and keep pushing yourself to go harder and faster.

  • Alternating HIIT sprints; 20 second sprint/1:10 jog.  (or something along those lines…)

And that’ essentially it.  We’ve gone hard and heavy with the weights, we tore it up with some intense cardio, and we got you burning through that stubborn body fat you thought you’d never rid yourself of.  Keep at it, extend the cardio when your endurance increases, bump the weights as needed, and you’ll be well on your way to a slimmer and more healthy body.

Any questions, leave a comment below!

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  2. How many days per week would you recommend doing this workout?? 3 days, 5 days, every other day?? Thank you for sharing this workout as well. I am excited to try it out.

    1. I’d recommend 2 days a week to start – mix in some of our other workouts for a comprehensive plan. If you need more guidance, just let me know!

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