Total Body Speed Sets: The Ultimate Gut Bustin’ Workout

I don’t care who you are.  You’re no doubt reaching a point (or have already reached a point) where your workouts just don’t seem quite as effective anymore.  Of course, you’ll hear “Just mix up your exercises…or vary your reps and sets”, which isn’t bad advice.  Sure, that will probably help you start making some new gains, but let’s be real…you want to MAXIMIZE your returns in the gym right?  Well then you’ve got to do more than just pick a few new exercises to throw in your arsenal.  You’ve got to something so drastic it’s going to shock your body like never before.  I introduce to you, total body speed sets.

With total body speed sets, you’re going to be really hitting your CNS (central nervous system), improving your metabolic rate, and greatly affecting your fast-twitch muscle fibers.  This type of training is going to help you lift heavier weights in a hurry, while also boosting your burned calories, and ultimately, your fat loss.

So if you’re having some issues with excess fat, particularly fat around your stomach, it may be time for something new.  Now I don’t want to mislead you, there is simply no way to spot tone your stomach, and this workout isn’t going to help you do that.  What it is going to do, however, is help you achieve a faster rate of fat loss, across your entire body, which will ultimately result in less belly fat and a leaner figure.

So let’s check it out…

We’re performing only three exercises today.  You’ll perform each for 10 sets, resting a full 45-60 seconds between each set.  When completing these reps, I want you to focus on speed.  Don’t give yourself time between reps, as soon as you complete one, instantly go into the next.  Of course, you’ll need to pay very careful attention to your form.  Do NOT allow your form to suffer as a result.  In fact, if you’re brand new to training, I’d even caution you avoid this type of workout.  This workout is serious for cutting belly fat, but it’s also not going to help you if you aren’t performing it correctly.

The exercises we’re using are big, complex movements, designed to hit multiple muscle groups.  Perform all sets of each exercise before moving on to the next.

Here we go..

  • 8-10 reps x 10 sets Squats
  • 8-10 reps x 10 Bench Press
  • 8-10 reps x 10 Deadlifts

That’s it.  Looks simple, doesn’t it?  Let me tell you from personal experience, this workout is killer.  It may be simple, but it’s killer.  You’re going to really KNOW you did something positive for your body, your fat loss, and your well-being.

Any questions, leave them below and I’ll get back to you.  Happy lifting.