The 50/50 Total Body “Split Workout”

Ready for something that’s going to rock off your socks and hit your body in an all new way?  Keep reading…

I don’t know about you, but lately my workouts have been very……meh.  I don’t know if it’s the time of the year, how busy I’ve gotten, or the fact I’m just getting a little more lazy, but I have felt completely uninspired to break from routine lately.

Knowing I’ve got to make a strong push with the holidays coming up (more on this later in the week), I made a conscious effort to really try something new this past week in the gym.  Usually trying something new entails me bumbling around the gym, trying out 25 different exercises, getting in everyone’s way, until something just clicks.  Luckily, this time was a bit different.  I kept things simple, intense, and down to the point.  And you know what?  It really paid off.  I left the gym feeling like I had just been hit by a bus…but in the best way possible.

The 50/50 Split Workout is a fairly simple concept – we’ve got two exercises paired, each performed for 50 reps.  The order in which you complete these exercises is up to you.  How many reps you perform before switching is up to you.  That’s the beauty of this workout.  It allows you to perform it a little bit differently each time out.  Not only that, it really does push you to work quickly, because I’ve added a little time element to this as well.  Like so many of our previously successful workouts, this one has you competing for best time, so really push yourself to knock these reps out and limit rest breaks.

Of course, this quick work really does wonders for increasing your fat burn and giving you a real metabolic boost.  As you guys should know by now, increasing that metabolic boost is the key to upping your calorie burning potential and the fastest way for transforming your body.  I’ve paired a wide variety of exercises to make this a true total body conditioning workout.  We’ve got a little plyo, heavy weights, core, and straight cardio for an overall body fat blasting good time.

Check out the routine below, let me know if you have any questions, and be sure to post your thoughts in the comment section.

The 50/50 Split Workout

50 reps of each exercise listed.  Complete each two-exercise pair before moving on.  Complete reps in any order you wish.