The 3 x 9 Workout Program


Anyone ready for a change?  I don’t care what you’ve been doing by way of workouts…it’s always a good idea to mix things up.  Today, I want to introduce to you something I’ve been working on for a while now.  I call it the 3 x 9 Workout Program and have specifically designed it for those of you who are having an especially hard time burning off that extra resistant body fat.  You guys know what I’m talking about…the kind of fat that finds itself on your belly, legs, and hips.  The kind of fat that seems like it will neverrrrr leave.  This is what the 3 x 9 Workout Program is set to attack, so keep reading.

I’m not suggesting this plan will make it possible to spot tone specific areas of your body, that’s just silly and doesn’t happen.  What I am suggesting however, is the 3 x 9 Workout Program will use its progressive resistance training methodology to slowly ramp up your metabolism to the point that stubborn body fat becomes a thing of the past.  A single workout that burns X number of calories is all well and good, but if it doesn’t do anything for your metabolism, it’s not achieving all it could.  The workouts in the 3 X 9 plan not only burn a ton of calories WHILE you complete them, they rely on metabolic conditioning to make sure your metabolism stays high all day long.  If you’re trying to burn excess fat, this is a good thing.

Not only that, since these workouts are so intense, they’re going to give your endurance an added boost.  This plan is broken up into three phases.  Each phase is made up of 9 killer workouts designed to burn fat, build endurance, and help you develop that athletically lean, toned body.  As you move from phase one to phase two, and then on to phase three, you’re going to notice something immediately.  The workouts get exponentially harder.  This is what I mean by progressive resistance; as you get stronger, your workouts get harder.

This method of training has been exceptionally valuable to myself, my clients, and thousands of other Share It Fitness users on our FitPlan training system.  You can try out the first day’s workout below to get a taste of what this plan entails. To get started today with the 3 x 9 Workout Program and start burning fat faster than ever before, sign up below!

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And as an added bonus, when you sign up for any one of our training systems, you get full access to myself and/or any of the trainers on our staff.  Need help, have a question, not sure if you’re doing an exercise correctly?  Just shoot us an email and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Day 1 – Gut Check

Perform each exercise combo, rest 20 seconds, then perform the next combo in the circuit. Repeat this format until each circuit has been completed twice. Then move on to the next circuit and repeat the process.

20 Bicycle Crunches/20 seconds Mountain Climbers/20 second rest
20 Spider Planks/20 seconds Mule Kicks/20 second rest
20 Vertical Crunch/20 seconds Crab Kicks/20 second rest

Repeat this circuit 2 times.

Rest 2 Minutes.

20 Extension Crunches/20 seconds 180 Planks/20 second rest
20 Russian Twists/20 seconds Burpees (without push up)/20 second rest
20 Eagle Sit Ups/20 seconds Ground Runners/20 second rest

Repeat this circuit 2 times.

Rest 60 seconds.

20 Up/Down Planks/20 seconds Triple Plank Hops/20 second rest
20 Scissor Kicks/20 seconds Tuck Jumps/20 second rest
20 Windshield Wipers/20 seconds Horizontal Jacks/20 second rest

Repeat this circuit 2 times.