Happy Hungry & Fit- Interview with Amanda Benchwick

Do not get me started on sweaty workout hair, all slimy and sticking to your face and hindering focus. It is such an unbearable feeling that almost every woman, or exceptionally lusciously locked man, deals with while leading an active lifestyle. And what’s even worse is when the headband can’t deal, and you end up getting more of a workout wrestling your hair into place than the circuits you had planned.

Amanda Benchwick of Manda Bees Headbands gets it, both the hair problems and the circuits. As a personal trainer and fitness instructor with years of experience in the industry she has created an awesome problem solver to pesky hair problems through her extremely stylish headbands.

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After chatting with Amanda the passion behind the brand is so evident. She authors the website Happy Hungry Fit where she sells her headbands, and offers amazing advice on everything from workouts to diet plans. Wondering how to kick your routine up a notch? Find motivation? Manage your mane? Make life long changes? Amanda is your girl! You will love her just do it attitude.

Amanda offers some awesome realistic advice that’s sure to inspire you to get a sweat session in today!

A little background?

I had just graduated college and started working as a personal trainer and fitness instructor. Between training, teaching classes, I needed something more versatile. I also have super long thick hair. I had spent months buying every headband I could find just to be disappointed.


What is the core mission behind your brand?

My mission is to solve a problem – to offer a product that actually DOES live up to your expectations, and at a price that allows you to have one for every day of the week. We also hand-make everything in America with fabrics manufactured in the US.
What changes do you hope to inspire through your brand?

I whole-heartedly believe that if you treat yourself by buying cute comfy workout clothes, you’ll be more likely to hit the gym than skip it. The girls at my studio love getting the new patterns when they come out – and your sweat-sessions are more effective when you don’t have sweat in your eyes! 🙂

how to wear your flawless headband
What are some of the most common inhibitors you see when people struggle to formulate a fitness plan?

The number one thing that stands in your way is YOU. I tell my clients that the only way you’ll reach your fitness goals if you WANT to. You have to want it bad enough – until then, you’ll struggle. It’s not so much the “plan” that matters, it’s the effort you’re going to put into it. That’s the magic.
How can I start doing one thing today that will give me positive long term payoff in regards to my health?

Get rid of processed carbs. This means sugar, white bread, stuff in packages, sodas, stuff like that. We are conditioned to treat our bodies like trash cans, and processed carbs are what we take in the most of.
Best advice you can offer to someone struggling to stick with it, or to find meaning in their fitness routine?

First, accept that it’s not going to be overnight, and it’s not going to be easy. Make a commitment to yourself and make yourself proud by sticking to it. Surround yourself with people who have a common goal – this is super easy nowadays because we have the internet. So read some blogs, connect to some people on the same journey as you. And don’t make excuses. “I didn’t have time” is the worst. The only way you’ll fail is if you don’t want it bad enough. (Tough love!)
How do you find it is best to motivate others?

The way I help clients to find motivation is by helping them identify their own personal roadblocks and bad habits, then teach them ways to change them. Motivation is all about understanding that you CAN do it, I help my clients with the “how” part.
Most effective training method(s)?

This is another one of those things where one size doesn’t fit all. Everyone’s bodies react differently to different types of training. The best way to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals is by doing the correct mix of high intensity cardio, lower intensity endurance cardio, and strength training. The magic three! Everyone needs ’em. Too much high intensity cardio is detrimental to your health, and not enough strength training will cause your body to look skinny and shapeless. It’s all about balance.
What advice would you give someone struggling to get the results they desire?

Baby steps! Too often the case is that you wake up one day and decide that today’s the day you’ll start “dieting”, then you starve yourself, crash, binge, and fail. For real sustainable weight loss to happen, you need to make lifestyle changes, one at a time. Find healthy things that you actually like to eat. Become a lifetime exerciser, not just gym membership holder during your diet phase. Commit to it. If your changes are drastic and immediate, they won’t work. If you’re only temporarily committing to something, you’re only going to get temporary weight loss.


What is the greatest obstacle that you personally have to overcome in being in this industry?

Oh, so totally the eating part. I love eating, I love food. Mmmm. I teach a lot of classes, so I’m always… always hungry. I have had my own struggle to find foods that are healthy enough that I love and can eat all the time. You are so, 100% what you eat.
What inspires you most in a client?

Drive. Willingness to try new things. Commitment. Embracing the struggle ahead!
Best healthy living advice ever?

Love yourself enough to be good to your body. Give it what it deserves and you’ll feel and look amazing.
Worst healthy living advice?

Dieting is such a joke. Someone told me they heard of this diet here you eat nothing but bananas for the first few days, and then you start eating only pickles and milk or something. Seriously??
Biggest misconception about being healthy and fit?

That it’s too expensive and it takes too much time and effort. It takes some effort in the beginning (as changing old habits should) but if it didn’t take some handwork, would it be worth achieving? As far as food prices go, yeah, it’s more expensive at Wendys to get a salad than chicken nuggets, but you shouldn’t be at Wendys, you should have grocery shopped and meal prepped beforehand – and that ends up being way cheaper than buying pre-packaged meals.
Your favorite quick easy workout?

Spinning. a 45 minute Spinning class will work your legs and get your heart rate pumping. If you don’t have access to a Spinning class, bodyweight exercises are the best. Good old fashioned squats, tricep dips, pushups, lunges. Take very little breaks and push yourself to fatigue. If you have four limbs, there’s no reason you can’t do these things!
Best kept fitness secret?

That there really isn’t a secret. Everyone is looking for a secret and are disappointed when the real answer is “just try”. It’s not rocket science. If you push yourself to sweaty-mess status 5 days a week and treat food as fuel, there’s no way you’ll fail. 🙂


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