Burn Fat Fast by Multiplying the Power of Your Workouts

Want that tight, lean body?  Finisher workouts are your answer.
Want that tight, lean body? Finisher workouts are your answer.

Before you go out and do another workout this afternoon (because I know that’s what you all are going to be doing) I want you to stop right there.  I’m serious about this one. For many of you, you’ve been leaving a lot on the table as far as your workouts go.  I’m not talking about not giving it your all..no, no…I’m talking about not doing a couple of little things that can literally boost the effects of your workout by 50%!

That’s right..50%.  I’m talking 50% more calories burned.  50% more progress made.  50% faster to your goals?  Sound good?  Okay, then stick with it because I’m about to break down exactly how we turn your standard, everyday workout into something absolutely killer that will have you burning more fat and slashing through more calories all day long.

So for today’s article, I don’t care what your workout of the day is.  Unless you’re doing an hour on the elliptical, you get a pass from me today.  I want to really focus on what you’re doing in the last 10-15 minutes of your workout.  The time that your muscle glycogen stores are zapped, your cardiovascular system is on its last legs, and it takes every bit of mental strength to keep going.  We all know this point in our workouts, right?  Okay good, because this is when real progress is made.  You see, by pushing yourself a little bit extra right before you finish for the day, you’re going to give yourself a huge boost, thanks to the EPOC phenomenon.  As your body has a sudden and dramatic increased in oxygen needs, you inhale deeply, and fill your lungs with more air.  This large influx is going to cause your metabolism to rise.  When performed intensely enough, this dramatic uptick in oxygen intake which effects your metabolism right before the end of your workout will stick with you for hours later.  So basically, we want to boost your metabolism the moment before you leave the gym AND keep it boosted it throughout the day.

So how do we do this?  Finishers.

Finisher Workouts

That’s right, I’ve created dozens of these things, and I call them finishers.  They’re typically 3-5 exercises in length, each varying slightly, but the overall goal is to absolutely expend any energy you have left before leaving the gym.  I want you struggling, gasping, and counting the seconds until you can go home.  Because when this happens, progress happens.

Tack these guys on to the end of your workout MOST days a week.  That means if you’re working out 5 days a week, shoot for 3, maybe 4 finishers a week to start.  These are intense so you want to be careful not to overdo it with them.  But let me tell you, once you’ve consistently incorporated finisher workouts into your routine, you’ll wonder why you held out for so long to begin with.  Increased fat loss, heightened metabolism, and a boosted endurance are just a few of the things you can expect over the coming weeks and months.  If your ultimate goal is to cut calories and burn through fat, you’ve absolutely got to start doing finisher workouts.

So enough about the science, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and show you some of my favorite finishers…

Blast Off

Repeat three rounds total.  Uptempo cardio session with weights.  Perfect for bumping that heart rate and blasting through body fat.


Just one round through will be enough to boost that heart rate and turn up the dial on the calorie-burn.  Perform these 600 reps/seconds as fast as possible….meaning no breaks!

Break Down

Three rounds.  Little to no rest between rounds.  This muscle-focused routine is intense enough to bump your heart rate and shred a little more fat before leaving the gym for the day.

Count Down

Start from the top in round one (burpee +front swing) take a 30 second break after completion…then start round two from the bottom (surrender squats) working your way back up. How’s THAT for a killer sweat sesh before heading home?

That’s it.  Pretty simple stuff here guys.  Throw one of these finisher workouts on to the tail end of what you’re already doing, stay consistent, and within no time, I guarantee you’ll notice a reduction in body fat, improved muscular tone, and an endurance you once dreamed of having.

Any questions, leave a comment below.


Photo above credit of Robert Hensley