Interview-Adam Duffy on Doing What You Love


What better way to stay motivated than to travel the world? Whether it is a fitness goal, or a life goal, something about experiencing new environments has a little extra motivation sizzle. Global photographer and avid surfer, Adam Duffy, would certainly agree. He has conquered the unknown and continues to chart his own path. What I like most about Adam’s replies is how natural the focus on personal health becomes once you are in a career that defines your passions. He lives a lifestyle that so many of us dream about, but feel too constrained by the clutter to achieve.

Through his work Adam is able to capture landscapes of the most tropical locations on the planet while maintaining an extremely active surf regimen, and managing his business. It is clear that long term motivation comes from a profound identification with how it applies to your own personal life and well being. The combination of art with a sport that demands true passion is a perfect example of this understood meaning and intrinsic motivation.

Read more from Adam on living life by your own rules:

A little background about yourself/what started it all?

Photography first started for me around the age of 19, I was a body boarder from the small town of Coffs Harbour, Australia and wanted to keep living the lifestyle of a surfer, I knew that surfing was a hard way to make a living so I took a shot at photography!

What is your main goal/message to convey through your work?

To love what I do and stay in touch with the world that provides it for me!

What is most unique about your method?

I think it is that you always need to be ready, even if it’s a calm day in the ocean, the weather can change very fast, if you shooting in Hawaii it can be 2 feet in the morning and by the afternoon your swimming in 15 feet wave’s! I have learned to change and to adapt, something that many have trouble with.

Are there any social issues you try to capture and explain through your work?

The ocean is my home, if anyone disrespects it I’m going to bring it to their attention, I don’t often capture it but I’ll be the first to tell someone if they are disrespecting my home.

Your primary active living activity?

Swimming! Swimming is the best exercise, it’s a full body workout, you use muscles you didn’t know you had in the surf. That feeling of being in the water all day, the surfed out feeling is the best in the world…pushing your body to the limits and being willing to embrace the repercussions.

What are some of the most common inhibitors you see when people struggle to start living the life they desire?

Everyone feels obligated to settle, or to scramble for socially defined success. Many people just can’t maintain financially and have to settle for a average day job, photography itself is a tough industry, you need to be innovative, creative and self motivated! Always be thinking towards what gives you meaning.

How do your subjects inspire you?

I really just find Inspiration from being in the ocean, it’s such a great feeling, the salt water on your skin, the sand and the sun, these natural endorphins inspire me most, photography and surfing was a way to enjoy them for longer periods!

What is your core foundation in business/practice/training for success (the most important quality to possess)?

Stay Grounded, keep fit, eat well, stay motivated, even when you feel down, get up! You will never regret going after it!

What advice would you give someone looking to get out of their comfort zone?

Do your research, find your niche, don’t hesitate, go for it!

Best healthy living advice ever?

You are what you eat!

Worst advice you have ever heard?

“Maybe you should get a real job.” What’s a real job? A job where you get paid a lot for doing something you don’t love? Do what you love then money doesn’t matter, that was my response, haha!


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