The 6 Best Calorie-Blasting Exercises You HAVEN’T Seen



If you’re like most people you’ve been doing the same set of exercises for a while now, so to spice things up a little bit, we’ve put together six high fat burning exercises to add a little variety to your routine.  Aside from helping you burn loads of fat, these exercises have a couple of other things in common.  They’re all compound exercises, meaning they target multiple areas of your body at once, as well as contain a cardiovascular element.  This makes them great choices for those of you looking to really slash through some calories in a hurry.

So without further adieu, let’s check out the exercises…


  1. Jump Lunge + Mountain Climber Combo – This move is a real killer.  Try going for a full minute, knocking out as many reps as possible.  Really challenge yourself to get through more reps each time you see this bad boy in your routine.  Great for developing the lower body, explosive power, and bumping your heart rate, the jump lunge + mountain climber combo is an amazing all-around exercise.
  2. Twist Burpees – We included this one just the other day in our “Most Hated Workout in the World”, but for those that haven’t checked that one out yet, you’ve got to get up to speed on twist burpees.  We’ve taken the regular burpee and added a little extra plyometric element to it.  On top of that, you’re forced to really use your core muscles for stabilization, adding a little strength element to this already brutal exercise.
  3. Weighted Twist Jumps – Here’s another one where you’re building explosive power with a plyometric-based movement, but supplementing it with the strength and stabilization effects of an added twist. This move, when performed for speed, is great at jacking up your heart rate and slashing through loads of calories and fat.
  4. Heel Touchers – At first glance this one looks like little more than running in place…but give it a shot and you’ll see it’s quite a bit different.  With heel touchers, you’re slapping your heels as you kick them up towards your butt.  This is going to force you to really work the hamstring muscles, and again, when performed for speed, will really amplify your caloric burn.  Go for 1, 2, or even 3 straight minutes to really build your endurance and tone those legs.
  5. Barbell Surrender Squats – This is your opportunity to really challenge yourself; add some weight to the inverted end of the barbell to give yourself a serious total body workout.  Legs, core, shoulders, and back are all coming into play here.  Bump it up by keeping a nice steady pace, and watch your heart rate climb in no time.
  6. Drop Twists – Here’s another one that uses weights to really help you bump that heart rate and burn more calories.  This is the basis of metabolic conditioning, which has been shown to be extremely effective in the fat burning department.  With drop twists your hitting your upper and lower body muscles hard, while getting the heart-pumping benefits of the cardiovascular element.  Ratchet up the weight to really turn up the challenge and develop your strength AND endurance.

So there we have 6 totally new and effective exercises for you to start working in to your routine.  All of these exercises are going to help build your athletic skill set which is something you should all be striving for.  By becoming more athletic, you’re going to put yourself (and your body) in a better position to become a lean, mean, calorie-burning machine.

Give ’em a try, let me know if you have any questions, and stay tuned next week as we create a full workout using some of the above + other athletically based exercises designed to change your body and eliminate that body fat for good.


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