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There’s a new trend going around, and I’m not talking about the epidemic of overly priced see through yoga pants here. It’s holistic wellness and I am fully on board. After talking with numerous health and wellness professionals it seems that many are choosing to take their values one step further and create a more holistic approach to their practice.

Shannon Gierl , founder of holistic coaching service Radiant by Nature, has not only recognized the benefit of holistic living for herself, but she has also developed programming through her company that allows anyone to make holistic living a part of their lifestyle. While in its earliest stages, Shannon has exciting plans for the future, and a business perspective that is freshly unique to most wellness coaches.

Radiant by Nature combines nutritional, lifestyle, and yoga components that focus on micro changes as opposed to oh I don’t know completely swapping out your identity in the name of juicing. Clearly with this concise approach the lasting impact is greater and chances of success are far more achievable.

When I first heard the words holistic wellness I pictured  some chick who nibbles on spinach for 3 meals a day while a tribe of other elders dances around the fire chanting nutritional hymns…luckily this is not the case. Shannon is not only insanely approachable, but makes the ideas of living a holistic lifestyle exciting as she challenges her clients and prospects to see how this practice will fit into their lives.


A little background on yourself?

I have always had a strong background in dance which instilled the values of an active lifestyle from a very young age. It’s interesting to look back now because when I was dancing I read everything and thought I was being so healthy, now the majority of that information has completely changed. It’s what makes this field so exciting!

What are your main goals as a holistic living coach?

I want to help others not only make changes, but sustain them. Most health experts would agree it is easy to commit to your free 30 day trial, or do a 90 day plan, but I am working towards creating a lasting impact for my clients.


Why can’t we just understand that veggies are good and ice cream is good every once in a while?

It’s that idea of wanting what you can’t have. By depriving yourself of those perceived “bad foods” you can get in this cycle of temptation and guilt. This is why micro changes are so beneficial. They allow room for trial and error and take the pressure down a notch. Everyone will have a different process, and it is my job to try and understand that.

Do you think everyone has the ability to live holistically?

If you are willing to make it a priority. I would say that the majority of people may make it one to some degree and others may never. If there is no internal desire for long term change, or the want to feel as healthy as possible, making true changes gets a lot harder.

There are so many distractions (hi work, family, Netflix, eating, twitter, socializing) what would you say to those who want to be healthy but can’t find the time?

You simply can’t work 80+ hours a week and be healthy. You can absolutely live and maintain, but to really embrace all that a holistic lifestyle has to offer you need to consider all components of wellness. Until those are more balanced, finding the time to make the changes will be a struggle.

In other words no sleep=not so holistic.

Best advice?

Read, read, read. Whether you are already a health conscious person or considering making small changes there are so many resources out there to help you decide what the next step is. The better educated we are as a society, the better off we will be in terms of our health. I hope to show my clients that consuming new information and the right foods, are some of the best practices in holistic living.

Once you know enough to know that your health is important, the rest will follow.

Shannon is in the process of expanding her website, offering informative blogs and challenges readers to engage in discussion on the latest health and wellness topics. As an avid juicer and newly certified yoga instructor Radiant by Nature is the definition of full circle providing clients with mind, body, and spiritual wellness. Holistic living could just be the balance you are lacking, luckily coaches like Shannon can help us get there!


3 thoughts on “Trending: Radiant Holistic Living”

  1. I found the article interesting but generic at the same time. I am disappointed it did not really explain what the holistic approach really is, which is why i read the article in the first place. I’ve heard the term few times, but still don’t know what it really means.

    1. Hi Larissa!! Great question! So to me, holistic health means looking at all facets of a person’s life, not just their nutrition and fitness. In my practice I call these other factors “Primary Foods” – they are the things that contribute to your well-being that you can’t put in your mouth, like spirituality, relationships, career, finances, etc. I first and foremost take stock of these elements in my client’s life, and we address any pain points there may be. It is hard to worry about healthy cooking, juicing, or a fabulous fitness routine when you are (for instance) working 80 hours a week or in a constant state of stress. I find that my clients have a much better success rate at sustaining a healthy lifestyle if Primary Foods receive just as much attention as the Secondary Foods that we eat! Hope this helps :). Read more on my blog:

  2. The premise behind holistic living is that it can mean something different for everyone. It is seeking balance in the aspects of life that may be lacking or need to be enhanced. To Shannon holistic living means she focuses on things other than food, nutrition, and exercise. You can start with what are called “primary foods” and these are the things in you life that affect your health but that you can’t eat: spirituality, the health of your relationships, your home life, career, etc. if those things are “broken” or in a bad place, it is going to be that much harder to modify and change what you are eating. You have to address the primary foods first, and move some things out of the way, before you can really begin a sustainable change in one’s diet or exercise routine.

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