The Most Hated (and Effective) Workout in the World

Ask 100 people what their least favorite exercise is and I guarantee you, 99.99999 of them are going to say burpees.  This clearly wasn’t a scientific study, but I think you get the idea.  Burpees have long been regarded as one of the most hated exercises in any gym.  And for good reason – the burpee is a total body, calorie-blasting workhorse of an exercise.  You’re shredding up your legs, core, and upper body with body weight-style movement, while simultaneously adding in a little plyo and agility training.  This is all before we even begin to consider the cardiovascular elements of the burpee.  Go out there and give me 10 burpees and pay attention to your breathing – getting a little deeper and faster, huh?

Traditionally, trainers will throw the burpee into a workout once, maybe twice, for a few reps here, a few seconds there.  But lately, I’ve been thinking I want to change that.  Maybe it’s been a constant line of whiners I’ve run into lately, or maybe I’m just feeling a little sadistic, but I want to really throw the kitchen sink at you guys today.  To accomplish that, I played around and created an entire workout exclusively surrounding the burpee.  Of course, an entire workout including nothing but burpees would be both hellish and boring, so I’ve worked to add a wide variety of burpees.  I bet you didn’t even know there was more than one type, did you?

We’re effectively adding an extra target here – we’ve combined the traditional burpee with either an added strength or plyo element, making the already killer burpee that much harder.  But on the flip side, we’re also making it that much more effective.  And you know what, you guys tell me all the time how much you want to make progress/how you haven’t been able to make progress.  Well, this workout will help you make progress, I guarantee it (please read that in your best Men’s Warehouse spokesperson voice).

To really gauge the effectiveness of this workout, I strapped on my Fuel band and got to work.  I was hoping this 35-40 minute workout would burn somewhere in the neighborhood of 450 calories when performed at full-speed, but what I realized absolutely shocked me.  Shocked me so much, I had to run through it again the next day…and the day after that, just to be sure it was accurate.  You ready for it?  Across three separate workouts, all performed at max intensity, this burpee workout helped burn 815, 798, 822 calories respectively.  I threw the Fuel band on my female counterpart, and low and behold, the results were similar; 688, 621, 659.  The best part of all of this?  This workout didn’t take longer than 35 minutes.

So if you’re looking for a serious 35-40 minute workout that will absolutely help you crush calories like few others out there, The Most Hated Workout in the World will certainly help you achieve that worthy goal.  Depending on a few factors (weight, height, fitness level, gender) you can count on this workout slashing roughly 6-800+ calories in a single session.  Perform this thing 4x per week if you’re in serious slim down mode, and you’re melting away nearly a pound of body fat a week, which happens to be equivalent to 3,500 calories.  That’s the beauty of this burpee workout; it’s short and intense which means you can tack it on AFTER a muscle-building session.  Notice I said after?  That’s because we want your muscles to use all the available fuel in your body before tapping your fat stores for energy, which will most definitely happen during this burpee workout.

So with all that mind, let’s check out the workout and get started on cutting those calories and redefining YOUR body.

10-20 seconds rest

10-20 second rest

10-20 second rest

10-20 second rest

Rest 30-45 seconds

Repeat the entire circuit 5-6x total for 35-40 minutes of fat-burning, calorie slashing goodness.

Knock out all those rounds, then that’s it.  You’re done.  Get some water, go home, relish the fact you just performed one of the toughest (and most effective) workouts you’ve likely ever tried.  Mix this in 2-4x per week to really speed up your fat loss and overall slim down process.

As always, if you’ve got any questions, leave a comment below!


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