Getting to the Core – Interview with The Breathing Room (Pilates)

When you walk into The Breathing Room in quiet O’Bryonville the first thing you think is “wow those people are actually enjoying a butt kicking Pilates class.” and the second is “how can I do that?” From the killer feng shui amidst some exciting renovations, to the groovy music that you will definitely go home and download afterwards, The Breathing Room is one of a kind.


After talking with studio manager Kari, and assistant manager/jack of all trades instructor Iza I realized the proclaimed “Mecca of Pilates” is the real deal. The team focuses on bringing your entire being into your Pilates practice. No matter where you are in the journey, by consciously allowing your body to fully embrace the movement your reward goes beyond a physical sense. If that all sounded a little metaphysical that’s because it is. The team incorporates yogic thinking into almost all of their sessions which challenges the mind to stick with the body as it begs for mercy during the dreaded Pilates 100. What is most impressive about the Breathing Room is their future that is impending in mere weeks on the horizon, and their ability to really get to the core of your practice.

The studio is expanding its services into what will be an incredible holistic wellness center of sorts on top of  a sophisticated reformer series and apprenticeship programming. They have recognized an opportunity to go beyond the basic class structure and are offering  a community of excited clients the ability to transform both their body and life. I sat down with both of these driven wellness professionals, and we talked everything from how I could hardly walk after Iza’s Booty Everywhere mat class to the intrinsic value of empowerment.

Redeeming Love Photography

That class was a blast! What fills this room with clients of all ages, shapes, and sizes?

I: The yoga elements to the class give clients the opportunity to visualize, and a deeper sense of connection. Pilates is stressed control and yoga challenges your mind giving everyone the ability to not only become more connected, but more committed to coming to class every day.

Pilates is one of the few practices the really tends to define functional movement. Where does your practice stand in terms of functionality?

K: We are very centered on functional anatomy. It is the basics of variation. Your skeleton is just as different on the inside as you are on the outside. Everyone wants to look like the person next to them, that uniformity is not the main focus. Finding strength in the body that you were given won’t look like everyone else and that’s a good thing.

Redeeming Love Photography

Would you say there is a sense of mindfulness needed to really see progression?

K: Absolutely. No one can just go through the motions and expect results. Work deeper not harder.

I: It should be challenging not back-breaking, consider the learning that is happening as opposed to the doing.

What are the greatest obstacles you see as clients struggle to progress.

I: The mental blocks are so different for everyone. This is a challenge on both ends because it is our job to try to understand those blocks. I think everyone has been exposed to this culture of exploiting your weakness as opposed to improving them.

K: We try to make the initial process more personal in order to know the clients better and start that connection, and in return we learn so much from them as well!

Most important value to have mentally when trying to improve your life?

K: I want our clients to feel fluidity. To come to the space and feel at home. There should be a level of comfort to your active routine, I don’t want anyone feeling lost or confused.

I: Satisfaction. I always strive to give the clients the best product and outcome. It is central to business and to practice. This satisfaction in return translates into other aspects of your life.

Best advice?

K: Keep moving/keep challenging/keep being mindful. Everything you do has to be with purpose, make your life a process not a motion.

I: Always put health first in every regard. You can’t do anything for anyone if you aren’t feeling healthy.

People pleasers, go geters, workout junkies, and those wondering if they should make a change  can all benefit from a little time with The Breathing Room. Like many other successful health professionals, this team of trainers, coaches, and business people are dedicated to changing the way that a healthy lifestyle is perceived. It takes studios like these, who are able to grasp the big picture, to create a lasting impact on the communities that they inhabit. Collaborating and sharing these ideas adds to the mission and fuels communities with healthier and happier people.

photos: Redeeming Love Photography


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