The Muscle + Flow Yoga Series…Yoga Like You’ve Never Imagined


It’s only so often that you come across a workout series that is so special it really makes you pause and have a second look.  Muscle + Flow by Shauna Harrison is just such a plan and I for one, am especially excited to share it with you guys.  For starter’s Muscle + Flow is a unique blend of body limbering yoga, combined with strength-boosting movements designed to transform your body in a way you’ve probably never experienced.  Want that long, lean, and strong yoga body?  Muscle + Flow is the kind of thing that’ll help you get it.

But before I get into this anymore, let’s look at the creator of these killer workouts, Miss Shauna Harrison…

From her blog:

Shauna is a self-proclaimed nerd, hip-hop head, jock, and yogi. After playing sports throughout her childhood, she segued into the fitness and yoga world just as she started her academic path at Stanford University and hasn’t stopped since. Simultaneously pursuing academics and fitness, Shauna taught a wide range of classes including step, hi/lo aerobics, Pi/Yo, indoor and outdoor boot camps, mat Pilates, Hip Hop Cycle™ (which she owns), core, yoga and aerial yoga all while completing her undergraduate and multiple graduate degrees. This included teaching in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Baltimore and even in Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic. Shortly after finishing her PhD in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University, Shauna also secured a sponsorship with Under Armour®, a major brand in sports and fitness, proving that should could excel in both worlds.

Muscle + Flow…Defined

So let’s get into this a little bit more.  What exactly IS Muscle + Flow.  Well, let me put it to you this way.  You guys know I’m more of a gym rat, only sporadically squeezing a little yoga into my routine.  I gave all five parts of the Muscle + Flow series a try, and let me tell you…I’ve never felt soreness in certain areas of my body, like that before.  But this was different.  It wasn’t just like I ran to the gym, pumped a ton of weights, and had that, it-hurts-so-good soreness that sets in.  This after effects of Muscle + Flow was simply one of the greatest post-workout feelings I’ve ever experienced.  It’s truly hard to put into words.  I recruited Shauna for a little help here, and asked her to sum up Muscle + Flow and described what it means to her…

I describe Muscle & Flow as yoga with some edge.  I do a building flow
(stacking poses in a sequence) based off of more traditional Sun Salutations
but I add in various elements of strength and power as well. It’s
essentially a mix of vinyasa, power, pilates, fitness and sometimes event
sports giving a more athletic style to the flow. In the classes I teach
live, I set all of it to hip hop and r&b playlists, which gives it a very
different vibe as well.

Okay, yeah.  That helps put into words what I feel Muscle + Flow truly is.  The whole event sports combined with pilates combined with power really hits the nail on the head, at least for me.

Get Started with Muscle + Flow

shauna2We’ve partnered with Shauna on this one and will be offering a five-part Muscle + Flow series right here on Share It Fitness for anyone who’s interested in taking their fitness to new heights with this unique opportunity.  Each class clocks in at nearly an hour, giving you five hours worth of pure, unadulterated yoga bliss.  Led by one of the Bay Area’s top fitness instructors, Shauna has the goods.  It takes a special person to be able to generate a huge turn out at varying yoga studios across the country.  The Muscle + Flow series is your chance to take this unique blend of yoga and fitness, delivered by one of the country’s best and fastest-rising yoga instructors.

Not only that, Shauna has made a very special pledge to the kids at Edgewood Elementary School, for each Muscle + Flow series that’s purchased.  Check this out…

Edgewood Elementary School in Baltimore, MD has adopted my #SweatADay challenge school wide thanks to one of their teachers and my friend Kaitlin Loftus. Every day the students do the assigned exercise with their morning announcements. I have developed a relationship with the school and have been out to visit a few times. I want to be able to provide them with some funds for equipment, guest instructors, field trips or whatever they need to continue to educate the kids on the importance of movement. To do this, 50% of the net proceeds from my first set of videos will go to this school. In the future I would love to work with other schools as well and always have some type of “share it” piece of the sales of my videos.

Talk about someone really getting the whole “share it” vibe that we preach around here.  So seriously, help yourself get fit and at the same time, help someone else do the same.  I can’t think of a better or more worthy cause than that.  So really, let’s do this people.  Get yourself your five full Muscle + Flow classes, help out some amazing kids, and get started building that lean, mean, athletically amazing body today.

So let’s get it done – sign up today and lock in your 5 classes of Muscle + Flow with Shauna Harrison by following the link below:

Get Muscle + Flow NOW


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