Look Less Ridiculous in Your First Fitness Class

Fitness classes are tricky. Every place has its own style, every instructor their own set of rules, and every community of members their own attitude. In an environment where you will be challenged to perform physically in a social setting odds are high that you will at some point be forced to expose yourself for the fitness mortal that you are, and that is okay!

I’ve never felt more unfit to be a public member of society than the times that I stepped into a Zumba class for the first time, or most fitness classes for the first time; specifically the dance oriented ones. Something from my developmental youth has left me stripped of all rhythmic abilities. Whether it was one too many hits to the head during that stint at soccer, or that time I broke my face rollerblading, I simply can’t dance.

Something about the unknown of how your body will react physically is slightly terrifying.  IE going down dog when everyone else is up in tree, legs flailing around like a dead fish, etc. You will never be more likely to flail a limb at random than during that first class experience.

There is also nothing more terrifying to watch than someone in a fitness class for the first time ever trying to act like it isn’t their first time ever. This ultimately ends up with you looking like a (more) spastic Richard Simmons.


Lucky for us no-can-dancers out there companies like Share it Fitness have caught on and spare us the public humiliation by offering classes online in the comfort of our own homes. While I could write an entire novel about what an amazing breakthrough online fitness has become, I want to provide a few suggestions  for how feel less like a three-legged gorilla in a bikini the next time you try the new class. Because we all want to look more coordinated right?

1: Read up. Not sure what aquacardiopliatescize is? Google. Start at the studios page and then search the class style in general. This can give you an idea of what to expect on all ends from intensity, to pace, to size of the class.

2: Go in as a beginner. In other words, don’t go in as an expert. Simple yet not. No one wants to walk in to class and announce to the room that you have never done this before, but chatting quickly with the instructor before can really put your mind at ease. Instead of fumbling through and hoping no one notices,  a clear communication with the instructor can alert them to be sensitive to your needs instead of calling you out in front of the class of old timers.

3. Stay Calm. I had someone in my yoga class try to literally scamper out one night, an all out yoga mat between the legs forget about the water bottle bail out; all because they fumbled out of a pose and got a few stares. People only stare because you are new not because you can’t hold plank, and anyone who stares for reasons otherwise is probably just selfied a “look at my hand stand and cool yoga gear” shot and are probably planning how their next one will look. Don’t quit. It’s just a workout give it your best effort and know that you conquered the hardest part of making it through the first class.

4. Bring/make a friend. This is my signature Zumba move, a little self-deprecating humor goes a long way when it comes to striking up random conversation before class starts. Everyone is there for relatively the same reason, to get a workout. It is always more fun when you have someone to share it with.

Finding a style that works for you is always the best policy. Trying out what you like best is part of the process and can explain what may be more appealing.  The more you enjoy it, the more comfortable it will feel, and the more likely you will be to explore more of what aquacardiopilatescize has to offer.



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