Back to Basics – Interview With MovNat

In a time when the idea of a workout means no less than three electronic devices, a Wi-Fi connection and multiple pieces of equipment, Erwan Le Corre’s MovNat really tends to stand out in a world of increasingly diluted fitness theory.

No equipment needed unless you count the trees, rivers, cliffs, and basins that the program implements. Okay so day one you probably wont be hurdling your body over mountainous gaps, but you can be sure that you will train like you are.


Le Corre founded MovNat on the principle that everyone needs to get back in touch with nature, and by nature he means the way in which your body was intended to move originally. Originally as in over 100 years ago, back to the ancient times of war and basic human survival. MovNat supports the mentality that natural human movement is not an option, but is a biological necessity.

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A native to France, Erwan has a thorough background in studies ranging from physical education to karate, and even a little (okay a lot of) philosophy. You will see more MovNat as it spreads across the country, currently focused out west, and takes advantage of the natural terrains towards the benefit of not only your physical health, but to nurture our psychological well-being.



While most of us can’t be slinging pine trees around the gym Erwan discusses the practical applications behind his training. Known as “the workout the rest of the world forgot”, Erwan brings us quite literally back to our roots as we discus more behind the movement that is MovNat.


What has been lost when it comes to the idea of health and fitness?

We have always moved this way. The human body has always been in motion, from the day you are born. You are taught to crawl, run, and jump and this translates into sports and other forms of physical activity down the road. And that’s just it…it becomes part of a greater activity, not how you should naturally exist.

Sounds like the whole get em’ when they’re young thing is just a little important?

I never received a meaningful and relevant physical education, did you? Kids need more than supervision, they should be informed of the effective and long term benefits of why they are being told to move a certain way, it existed in the past and it should be valued now. Your health and fitness should be a lifetime of practice not a phase.

So how much practice makes perfect?

It depends if you believe in perfection. The majority of people don’t, and because it is this unattainable concept it becomes easy to limit yourself and resolve that, “because I will never be perfect what’s the point?” You have to see it as a process, as something to work towards. You engage in the process and it is through the movement that you are strong.

Would you say our culture of immediacy has led to said demise of pure human movement?

Immediacy isn’t the worst quality of our culture. It is what drives us to strive towards goals, we want results. Think about what your expectations are, and what kind of education you need to feel better. Nothing will give you instant results, the best results are from commitment. I am more in favor of adjusting the idea of “instant gratification.” Think what will benefit you right now in terms of the long run.

Making gym life and real life one in the same is not easy how can this be less of a challenge?

It’s all about perception. It all stems from who you are and where you see yourself going. Think about your willingness to change in terms of the way you would like to feel. The gym will feel like less of a hassle and more natural. Carry the idea of self actualization into all aspects of life, if you think it you are more likely to become it!

In general what are the greatest obstacles to over come in this process from fallen trees to life lessons? (see what I did there?)

It is fully up to you. You are the biggest obstacle in anything you strive to do. Designing a lifestyle and plan for how you want to look, feel, and live is crucial towards long term success. You should like the perception of who you are and the things in your life. Have a clear vision and be willing to nurture the process.

What is the best advice you have ever received?

“If you can’t empower yourself who will?” The rest of the world will try to limit you.  You have every choice you want to decide against limitations, and to change things you aren’t satisfied with. You just need to get out there and do it.

MovNat is not just a philosophy, but a practical application of a lifestyle. Instead of focusing on pure isolation of muscles and body parts, Erwan and his team get back to the purity of the movement and function. Numbers, times, and PRs are not longer the only focus, but rather the cultivation of your true potential at the foundation of it all, while using the numbers to guide the process.


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