Never Ask a Lumberjack about Running Shoes

In health and fitness it pays to be knowledgeable about many things, but it works to be specialized in a few of them whether you are the trainer or the trainee. That is why seeking advice and trusting the source is such a central value in reaching your goals. If you search “how to lose 10 pounds in three days” thousands of results pop up and the first three are always the most legitimate right?

Three days and 0 lbs lost later you start to reconsider.

It’s the same reason why you should never order sushi at the airport. It just doesn’t work.

Furthermore never ask a bartender about the best type of protein.

And lumberjacks probably don’t have the best advice on running shoes.

Just because it’s available doesn’t mean it’s expert, and when it comes to your health everyone should be an expert. The type of information you are consuming comes from 100 different sources and the majority of time it’s easiest to accept it all as fact.

The diets that claim eating 8 bananas is a full proof weight loss plan, the workouts that push beyond human limits and the rituals that supposedly produce everlasting life… sign me up! It’s exciting to try something new, and a positive societal trend to see people seeking out the latest on health.

Because the topic is so important on numerous levels, it is equally important to know your health plan like the back of your hand. So the cool pictures of sweaty gorgeous people help, but what is the real message being relayed? Is the information actually beneficial to you?

When I walked into my first Barre class I learned this lesson right away. Wearing a t-shirt from a tennis tournament 5 years ago and old socks with a toe hole, I strolled into the most prestigious Barre studio in the area looking down right disheveled. To my defense it had been a long day. The room was filled with the fittest most gorgeous girls I had ever seen. And everyone was wearing the same $40 pair of black Barre socks. Next to me was a girl who had to most perfectly curled hair I had seen all year. I told myself she definitely came straight from work as a supermodel as I gazed back at my own bun that looked liked it had been attacked by a leaf blower moments before my arrival. And the Luluemon…everywhere down to the water bottle key chains; tops and tights for days on the most beautiful buns.

Needless to say I left realizing I had to spend half a months rent to blend better with the crowd. All for what? A little pulsing and holding? Because they looked good doing it?

Many workouts like this, while extremely effective in their movement, have effectively transformed into a brand. One that the fitness person has been convinced she/he needs.

Even though health professionals and fitness plans can be a constant reminder that we don’t know how to properly keep ourselves alive, it is the consumer’s job to pick the right people and plans for them. Being a passive consumer of fitness really won’t work. In a lifestyle that demands the body to be active, the same rules apply to the mind.

Assuming that your training plan will work if you haven’t taken the time to read it through and confirm trust in the source will be about as effective as skipping leg day.

Be an expert in your fitness and surrounding yourself with experts no need to ask the lumberjack for running shoe advice.


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