The Afterburn Workout: Burn Fat. Build Muscle. Get Lean.

Have you been desperately trying to burn fat and build muscle with limited successes?  Maybe it’s time you mixed up your lift style and incorporated a few new ways of moving the ol’ iron around.  In today’s workout we’re introducing some advanced weight training concepts designed to help you build lean muscle, speed up your fat burning potential, and seriously boost your metabolism for a serious calorie burn, all day long.

It’s been a while since I’ve thrown a new workout at you guys, so I thought now might be as good a time as any to give you something that’s really going to push you to your limits.  Following the recurring theme around here, we continue to try to boost that metabolism and increase your overall calorie burn and fat loss, but incorporating a few unique training methods into The Afterburn Workout.  This workout is perfect for those of you with small to moderate levels of fat to lose, anyone having problems increasing strength/muscle mass, and anyone who knows how frustrating the battle with a sluggish metabolism can be.

This isn’t your standard workout; exercises are performed in a way that’s probably pretty unfamiliar to most of you out there.  Before we get into what that way is, let me quickly talk about the benefits of mixing up your lifting styles.  We should already know that it’s important to change-up your exercises, weights used, and overall routine on a regular basis to prevent the plateau effect.  But have you ever considered the style in which you lift?  Alternating the very act of lifting and lowering a weight can have a huge effect on your gains and expected outcomes from your efforts.

Lift Differently, Burn Fat Faster

So what do I mean when I say “alternating the very act”?  Well, what I’m saying is, lifting a weight in a different manner is going to cause your muscles to respond in a different way.  There are several ways to achieve this of course; you can extend the concentric portion and decrease the eccentric portion of a lift, you could perform half lifts at increased reps, you could perform static iso-lifts….the list goes on.  But today, we’re doing a little something I like to call slow-mo lifts.  These are great for inducing some serious soreness in your muscles, as well as pushing them with an unfamiliar stimulus, which is going to account for some serious muscle growth.  And as always, what do we want to do when we’re trying to boost our metabolism and increase our fat burning potential?  Stimulate new muscle growth, that’s right.

So what is a slow-mo lift?  Well, let’s quickly figure out what a non-slow-mo lift is, i.e. what you normally do when you lift a weight.  Typically, the concentric portion (or lifting) of the exercise is performed in 1-2 seconds.  The eccentric portion (or lowering) of the lift is completed in roughly 2 seconds. After a while, your body gets used to this 1:2 ratio of lifts and compensates accordingly.  Unfortunately, our bodies are too smart for their own good; compensation is bad if you’re trying to build muscle and lean out.  So to give our muscles a slap in the face, we’re going to mix things up and introduce slow-mo lifts.  A slow-mo lift is going to take a full 10 seconds; 5 seconds on the lift and 5 seconds on the lower.  We’re going to hit all major areas of the body, and then for good measure, mix in a calorie blasting, fat burning finisher composed of intense plyometrics to really send you out with a bang and make sure that metabolism stays elevated all day long.

The Afterburn Workout

So as you may have guessed, the title of this workout alludes to a little something about what’s going on here.  With slow-mo lifts, you’re going to feel a very serious burn, both during and after your workout.  I want you to make a conscious effort to work through the burn.  Of course, there’s a difference between a good and bad burn, so for our purposes, lets just assume we’re talking about that good, old-fashioned, my-muscles-hurt-and-I-want-to-quit-because-I’m-doing-something-new burn.

Of course, lifting a weight for 10 full seconds is going to be put a lot of stress on the muscle.  To compensate here, I want you to drop the weight used to about 50-60% of your regular weight.  So if you’re normally doing 120lbs on a lat pull down, you should be using roughly 60-70 pounds for your slow-mo lifts.  Trust me, by about the third rep, you’re going to be glad you’re going light.

So let’s just dive right into it.  This workout should be completed up to twice a week, though feel free to steal the plyometric finisher and tack that on to any of your other regularly scheduled workout routines.  We’re shooting for 3-4 sets of 10 reps per exercise.  Allow no more than 60 seconds rest between sets.  If you find your not shaky, sweaty, and dying to finish by the end of your set, feel free to bump up the weight slightly to add a little extra stress to your muscles.

Okay..we’ve got all the background info out-of-the-way, let’s get right in to the workout…

The Afterburn Workout

Plyometric Fat-Burning Finisher

Let’s go really hard and fast here to close things out.  I want you to set a timer for 10 minutes and bust through this short routine for as many rounds as possible.  You dictate your rest breaks and your pace.  This one really is a battle against yourself.  Push yourself to complete an extra round every week or so.  Don’t settle for less than your best and good things will follow.  Let’s check it out…

Of course, if you need to adjust one of the above exercises to accommodate your fitness abilities, feel free.  Change the one-legged burpee into a standard burpee, cut out the long jumps, do what you need to do.  Just make sure you’re honestly pushing yourself to your max potential and always trying to improve the next time out.

So there you have it – give The Afterburn Workout a try to find out just how effective this style of training can be for your overall fat loss, muscle growth, and total caloric burn.  Keep at it, leave any questions in the comments, and let me know what you think of this workout!  Until next time…


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