What a Beautiful Day For a Run

You never hear anyone stop and say, as torrential snow is turning into grey sludge on the ground, “what a beautiful day for a run.” And it’s only on the most perfect mornings that you hear everyone proclaim how awesome their run was today. That’s because it was awesome the weather was gorgeous, and the conditions were something from a Nicholas Sparks movie. The hardest part about getting outside on a gorgeous day is making sure you wake up before the birds start chirping softly in your window.

On the flip side…whenever someone updates the old status to “just killed that run in the icy rain couldn’t imagine worse conditions.” People roll their eyes and wonder who this over achiever thinks he is. There is nothing photogenic about foot selfies if you are getting rain spatter on the iPhone lens.

While I love the motivational running-gram as much as the next person, I am convinced that many workouts are being motivated by the fact that you can share about it afterwards and that’s not really the point is it? It is no wonder why everyone seems to have such a hard time sticking with it…there was probably a bad wi-fi connection. As you read in Kelly’s earlier post there needs to be a little bit more personal commitment to enhance motivation.

The point being that if you are feeling less motivated by what you are physically doing and more by how many likes you get, you are doing it wrong. For fitness to work in any lifestyle it needs to be a genuine desire for self betterment in all aspects. Deciding to go out there and run because you want to, because you know you will feel amazing after is why it was a beautiful day for a run. Not the weather, or the Instagram game, or the fact that you haven’t posted in a while.

Fair weather runners seek a lot of motivation from running conditions and the slightest inkling of a grey sky seems to be the determining factor of commitment these days. In all things fitness there is some level of “okay I am going to do this” that needs to be established.

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Here are a few ways to not sit there and simply ‘like’ the fact that someone thought it was a great day for a run and go do it yourself:

Make it personal: what can you gain from this run? The more you can convince yourself that this workout matters to you, the more likely you will be to follow through and achieve it.

Don’t go for the gold: For running especially you don’t have to be looking or feeling like those inspirational posts that are all over the place, because no one actually does. That overly photo-shopped woman sweating her computer generated butt off probably didn’t go out in the less than ideal conditions that you are dealing with. There can be greater accomplishment in doing it on your own during these wintery days (except you San Diego…in this case ignore the term ‘wintery days’).

Plan ahead: While working out 7 days a week is not as manageable for most schedules, think like you are going to be out there every day doing something. Being mentally situated with the fact that sweating is a mandatory part of your agenda will help establish a long term habit.

Don’t like running? Then don’t run: Just because it seems like everyone is checking in for their run doesn’t mean you have to. If running isn’t working for you then consider a different direction with you daily plan. The best workout schedules are filled with variety. See when trying something new would work best during the week. Days with more time to experiment are always the best. Which is why weekend workouts will always be the best day of the week.

Take your time: So the whole sprint workout for time thing isn’t working for you. When it comes to committing to fitness a lot about how you begin the journey seems to matter. If you jump right into the advanced class the first time, chances are there won’t be a next time.

By making your workout your own, and not the rest of your followers, will only lead to a more genuine interest in leading an active lifestyle. And will give the workout-gramers a little break from flexing in the perfectly positioned lighting.








5 thoughts on “What a Beautiful Day For a Run”

  1. Hi! This was so the motivation I needed to get over the idea of needing a pat on the back every time I accomplish a run keep it up Share it Fitness.

  2. Thanks for this post. I like how you just say that if you don’t like to run, don’t! Too many people chooe exercise activities they don’t like just because it is exercise. That doesn’t help keep you motivated at all.

  3. Great post! Thanks for the reminder that we don’t have to go for gold, we just have to do what’s best for us!

  4. Planning ahead is a great idea. When we make that plan it makes it so much easier to get out there and DO something rather than giving us that ‘out’ when we get too busy during the day.

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