Is Your Social Media Making You Fat? {Challenge!}

Think About How Much Time You Spend Looking At Social Media…..

social media

It’s probably the first thing you do when you wake up and the last thing you do before bed.

You may not realize the power of this practice. They say we become like the top five people with whom we spend our time. Imagine what we are doing to ourselves with social media and exposure to thousands of messages per day.

You become where you put your energy. Are you putting your energy into taking care of yourself, getting your study on, hitting the gym, being great at work, giving attention to valued relationships, relaxing and making yourself a nice clean meal? Perfect! Do you spend hours on Instagram looking at celebrities, insane sugary recipes and drunk photos of people you don’t really know? Bad.

Take a hard look at who you follow on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Do they encourage healthy body image? Do they support a clean eating lifestyle or unhealthy diet products?  Do they inspire you to be a more active and positive person?

Now imagine if all those thousands of messages on your phone, computer, tablet, and TV were ALL positive. How do you think that would impact your motivation to make healthy choices and at the end of the day….your physical strength and personal wellness?

Ready for a change?

Look for these triggers to see if the social media to stare at needs to go:

  • Unhealthy recipes
  • Celebrate unhealthy body image or extreme, unrealistic “skinny” culture (Strong is the new skinny, after all.)
  • Toxic gossiping
  • “Health” outlets completely void of well-informed advice
  • Support excessive use of drugs and alcohol
  • Focus on excessive wealth or materialism
  • Reality TV (that’s a personal opinion, what a waste of time!)


Here’s Your Challenge!

Take about an hour and look at all your social media. It’s time to purge.  What kinds of people, companies, outlets do you follow that do NOT serve you? This can either be through the promotion of junk food or junk news. Gossip and negative messaging can be just as toxic as food. Whatever sources are draining your energy – either through unhealthy foods or anything else — need to go.

Love a particular chef because she makes a gorgeous French Rhubard Cake? Cool. I’m talking about straight up food porn. Guess what? We don’t need a peanut butter, chocolate-covered pretzel, double caramel cheesecake? Okay. We just don’t need it ever. That’s the kind of stuff I’m talking about–the excessive, gluttonous outlets that just don’t have a place in your clean eating lifestyle.

Here’s your challenge.  Do 10 and 10. Go through each social media you have and delete 10 outlets that don’t fit your clean lifestyle. Then, go add 10 that do.  Social media is something we look at for HOURS everyday. We become a mirror image of what we spend our time looking at, let’s make it awesome!

Need some ideas to restock your social media with some wellness positive messaging? Start with us! Follow all the Share It Fitness and Kelly Dollinger Wellness, then share in the comments below your favorite clean eating Pinterest boards and Instagram accounts. 

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