Pushing Yourself with a Fitness Challenge

So you guys know I often preach about finding something to challenge yourselves with.  In particular, when you’ve got something you’re working towards, your workouts suddenly start getting better; more intense.  There’s some urgency to what you’re doing because you know you’ve got to be ready to go.  As I’ve said before, it doesn’t matter what you’re training for, just find something to work towards.

One race that I’ve done in the past, and I’ve absolutely loved, was the Rock n Roll Marathon series.  It’s a great, fun, distance run that will absolutely require some serious preparation.  Whether you’re going for the full or the half-marathon, it’s going to require some serious training on your part.  For all of you East Coasters, you’ve got a great opportunity coming up.  The DC Rock n Roll Marathon is just around the corner, and would provide an awesome fitness test to place on your calendars.

If you guys aren’t familiar with the Rock n Roll Marathon series, check them out.  I completed my first Rock n Roll half-marathon back in 2010, and have become absolutely addicted since.  I’ve completed another dozen half’s since then, and have my goals set on doing a full marathon this summer.  Needless to say, all of this endurance racing has really forced me to turn up the intensity and focus on my workouts.  Indirectly, this has helped improve my fitness function across the board, as well as provided me motivation to keep hitting the gym even on those days I wasn’t really feeling it.

So let’s start 2014 off right, shall we?  Find yourself a race, an event, whatever, that’s going to require you to really push yourself to train aggressively.  Skip the 5k this time and go for something that puts you outside of your comfort zone.  By doing so, you’re really going to understand your own true potential and might just have some fun along the way.


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