Rise Bar, Rawness in its Best Form

Sunflower Cinnimon

*Disclaimer – Share It Fitness is not paid to do product reviews, as our mission is to always provide you our honest and unaffected opinion on anything we write about. We were provided a free sampler pack of all 12 Rise Bars to perform this review.

Nutritional bars are everywhere lately. They provide a quick snack on the go and offer more nutrients than your general gas station pickup. With so many options out there it can be extra tricky picking one that actually works. Lucky for you we have found one you can finally count on.  Confidently snack into a Rise Bar where what you see is what you get. I mean literally you can see everything you are getting. After eating one of these raw and balanced bars. you can finally feel like you did your body a favor.


I normally eat a bagel and banana before a morning workout because they seem to be the some of the few things that are filling in the morning. The past few weeks I have gone for a bedside rise bar (ie. the box of rise bars are literally by my bed so I can run out the door quickly into the cold) and can truly notice the difference it makes. Today I just had a Pumpkin Crunch Rise Bar; I felt awesome for the workout, and felt energized to continue my day afterwards. It made a huge change to add in the variety of insanely healthy ingredients packed into every single one of these bars. Where a bagel has upwards of 400 carbohydrate loaded calories after it has been slathered in butter, a rise bar has around 200-300 and they are all playing a factor in your nutritional wellness.  Not only is the texture exceptionally pleasant, (think your favorite oatmeal, granola, and pure fruit all in one) but I actually felt more alert walking into the gym at 6am on a -4 degree morning.  Sold! Think of these fabulous bars as a better fuel source than the typical go-to easy breakfast options (ie. buttery bagels, toasted pop tarts, and the ever deceiving sugar packed Cliff Bars).

The only minor negative aspect would pertain to the texture conscious bar consumer. The crunchiness of the breakfast bars was a take it or leave it aspect for me. With all of the bold flavors and interesting texture it was a little too much happening for me in the morning.  The first meal of the day seems to sit better during a run if it is straight forward flavors and nutritionally balanced.  The texture, combined with the fruit, combined with the nutty members wasn’t exactly the taste I was looking for before a run.

The coconut blueberry energy bar is easily my favorite. I am absolutely a chocolategranola-vore, meaning I expect some aspect of chocolate in anything bar shaped at this point in my life.  The addiction is real. Somehow the coconut blueberry managed to subside my raging sweet tooth with a satisfying sweet textured combination. So for all you sweet tooth crazed people out there, these bars will allow your insulin health to live to see another day.

Currently the idea of a raw bar is the new thing when it comes to breakfast, protein, and energy bars.  As many would agree, there is nothing worse than a grainy wanna-be nasty tasting “raw bar.” When your bar tastes a little funky it is probably due to a few horribly unhealthy additives that many bars are packed with, one of the worst offenders typically being Soy Protein Isolate (SPI)!

According to The Picky EaterSPI is the isolated protein component from the soy bean obtained through a heavily chemically engineered isolation process. The end result being a denatured protein that is stripped of all the nutrients (fiber, minerals, complex carbs) that it originally had.”

In order to isolate the soy protein, the beans are soaked and sprayed with chemicals like aluminum and hexane, two chemicals that mysteriously don’t make it to the My Plate daily recommendations. With this method of spraying, nitrites can more easily form which can lead to carcinogens in the body. And everyone knows carcinogens=NOT TO BE CONSUMED, thanks a bunch FDA.

Moral of the story, check your labels! SPI can be hidden under multiple names-textured vegetable protein, soy protein concentrate, soya, textured flower, textured soy protein. Another good rule of thumb is that if you can’t pronounce it you probably shouldn’t eat it! After checking a Rise Bar label you can feel safe knowing you are getting things like macadamias, honey, pineapples, rasins, sesame seeds, coconut shavings, etc.

Our nutrition coach, Kelly Dollinger, shares the importance of reading a label and checking it twice when she reported,

“What’s great about Rise Bars is I can take the criteria I look at all food to determine how clean it is and not be disappointed. Less than 5 ingredients? Yes. Easy to identify ingredients? Yes. Gluten-free? Yes. Not only are the ingredients easy to identify because there are so few, but the company is prepared for tough questions from the health-conscious eater.  Looking for something specific? Their FAQ answers all your questions on dairy, vegan options, nuts, and all Rise Bars are vegetarian, Kosher, gluten-free, soy-free and peanut-free.”

See the whole FAQ here: What you should know about these game changers!

Kelly elaborates further explaining that “The knowledgable eater is an empowered one. Not sure if your protein or snack bars measure up? Don’t let the quantity of calories determine your bar choice, it could be full of junk! Compare the basics: do the simple ingredient test, make sure they are gluten and soy free, and compare sugar and protein contents. If the bar stands up to the test, that’s the one for you!”

rise bar collage

By getting back to the purity of the ingredients, Rise has managed to tap into not only the natural flavors of the ingredients, but has also managed to preserve the nutritional aspects in the process. I took my Rise Bar experience a little further by incorporating a bar whenever possible into my diet. With the breakfast, energy, and protein options in flavors you can have something better to snack on during every part of the day. Rise Bar does it with absolute freshness style. From their refreshing packaging to the bold and unexpectedly delicious flavor pairings you know you are getting what you need with Rise Bar.


Enter to Win a 12 flavor sample pack of Rise Bars!

We are giving two lucky winners a Sample Pack containing all 12 Rise bar flavors!

Here are all the ways you can enter:

  • Leave a comment below telling us which Rise flavor you are most excited to try and how this pack would help get you started on your clean eating journey!
  • Share this giveaway on your Facebook page and tag Share It Fitness and Rise Bar. Make sure you also like the Share It Fitness and Rise Bar pages.
  • Post a picture on Instagram showing us how much you want to win. Include @shareitfitness #shareitfitness @risebar #werisetogether

The giveaway will end February 12, 2014. You may enter as many times as you’d like until the giveaway ends. The winner will be chosen at random, so the more you enter the better your chances. The winner will be announced the morning of February 13th, and contacted via email, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter depending on the entry chosen. Good luck!



14 thoughts on “Rise Bar, Rawness in its Best Form”

  1. I would love to try to Sunflower Cinnamon bar! I am already on a clean eating journey, but I am always looking for ways to add variety to my diet. I love protein bars but haven’t found anything as clean as these!

  2. I’m most excited to try the Raspberry Pomegranate Energy Bar. This pack would help me get started on my clean eating journey by replacing dirty snacks like potato chips.

  3. I’d like to try the Crunchy Cashew Almond breakfast bar. I just got back on the whole30, and these would be a huge help!


  4. I am especially looking forward to trying the Coconut Acai Rise Bar. Acai tea is my favorite so I’m sure this bar is delicious.
    Living in a dorm makes clean eating a bit of a challenge sometimes. Also, with early morning classes this semester I tend to not want to make time to eat anything in the morning when I get up which is bad. This pack could be really helpful for a healthy breakfast or when I am on the go and need a convenient clean snack!!

  5. I would love to try the coconut blueberry bar because I always have a sweet tooth! I am new to clean eating and am really trying to learn how to decipher which foods to stay away from. I think these bars would be a great start for me and hopefully lead me in the right direction. A lot of processed foods scare me these days and I want to learn how to make sound decisions on my own when grocery shopping.

  6. Hey girl hey! I would love to try the sunflower cinnamon! sounds simple and delicious, and i am absolutely ADDICTED to cinnamon. Fav spice, hands down. These bars would be great for my crazy schedule and because i am trying to cut processed crap out of my diet. I’ve just recently stopped eating things like cliff bars and other energy bars, but have yet to find something to replace them with. OH, and you should try “that’s it” bars, they’re not neccessarily meal bars, but they’re great as a small snack!

  7. I’ve had several Rise Bars in the past, but am really wanting to try the Sunflower cinnamon. I love love love the bars and know these will be great!

  8. I’m obsessed with anything & everything pumpkin flavored, so I’m going to need to try the crunchy perfect pumpkin. It looks amazing!

  9. Congrats to Jennifer and Madison!! You were our randomly selected winners! We will be reaching out to you via email to get your mailing address. Thanks to everyone who participated, we will have many more giveaways in the coming months!

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