6 Dynamic Exercises to Build Your Dream Body


No. More. Lame. Exercises.

This is the mantra I want you to start living by in 2014.  From now on, if it’s not pushing you, you’re not doing it.  No more time-killing exercises.  No more doing things just because you just feel like it’s what you’re supposed to be doing.  Just because the ripped up guy with 5% body fat is doing something doesn’t mean it’s right for you.  This year, we’re putting a whole new spin on the way you work out, and guess what?  In the end, it’s going to help you make better progress.  It’s going to help you make faster progress. And ultimately, it’s going to help you build the body of your dreams.

I don’t even have to know you to know what your dream body probably looks like.  We’ve all got a very similar image floating around out heads, and more often than not, this ideal body image ties directly back to the golden ratio.  This golden ratio of body measurements is what leads to that lean, mean, athletic physique that I often refer to on here.  It’s the picture of health, and it’s something that’s lurking inside each and every one of us.  What so few of us realize though, is unlocking your own dream body isn’t the result of countless hours on the treadmill.  It’s not about doing a bunch of bicep curls, or sit ups, or any of the other lame stuff health mags and other check-out aisle sources are telling you to do.  No, my friends, real body changing effects are the result of incorporating dynamic exercises, at regular intervals, into your total work out plan.

The Dynamic Exercise

So how does one go about incorporating dynamic intervals into a fitness plan?  Or better yet…what even qualifies as a dynamic exercise?  I don’t know about other blogs, but around these parts, an exercise qualifies as dynamic, if it satisfies three main requirements.  First, the exercise must be forceful, and done explosively.  This means you’re out, tricep kickbacks.  Second, it’s got to hit a variety of muscles across your body.  So long, calf raises.  And lastly, when performed for time, it’s got to be intense enough to induce cardiovascular fatigue in a short period of time.  This most certainly is not you, steady-state-jogging-on-the-treadmill.

You hit those three requirements, and you’ve likely found yourself a dynamic exercise that is sure to put you on the fast track to that body of your dreams.

Incorporating Dynamic Exercises

Now that we have a better idea what constitutes a dynamic exercise, let’s figure out how we’re going to incorporate these killer training tools into our overall fitness plan.  Well first off, if you’re one of our Fitplanners, you’re already covered.  So much of your personalized workouts are based off the concept of the dynamic exercise.  Not a Fitplanner?  Well, if you’re looking for one of the most intense fitness programs you’ve ever tried, check out what FitPlan can do for you.

If you’re following one of the workout plans found on the blog, or doing something else on your own, there are a few rules you should follow when incorporating dynamic exercises.  Depending on your goals, aim to include 3-5 exercises per workout.  Over doing it with dynamic exercises can lead to burn out, injury, or simply overworking your muscles (which means limited gains).  Second, don’t be afraid to superset dynamic exercises, but be wary of stringing together more than three in a row.  Since these exercises are so intense, you’re going to want to make sure you’re able to give them you’re all…otherwise you’re just wasting your time like that chick pumping 50 reps with that five-pound dumbbell.  Lastly, you want a good ratio of dynamic vs. traditional exercises to make the best gains.  When properly combined, the effects of both exercise formats are doubled. Seriously, the scientists agree.

Dynamic Exercises for The Body Of Your Dreams

Lateral Hop + Single-Legged Push Up

Killer cardio.  Punishing upper body and core work.  Lower body test.  This one dynamic exercise is a beast and is sure to fire up your gains in a hurry.  This one is better performed for time, so put 30, 60, or more seconds on the clock on knock out as many reps as possible.

Explosion Jumps

There are squat jumps, then there are explosion jumps.  Like the more intense version of the standard squat jump, the explosion jump promises to hit deep into those lower body muscle fibers, producing long, lean, muscular legs and butt, while also improving that endurance and heart health.  Get your butt as low to floor as possible, then spring up with all your strength.  Not as exercise for the faint at heart.

Kickback Climbers

We took a regular mountain climber and added a little bit more to it. Explosive lower body power, core stabilization, and an added cardiovascular focus make kickback climbers one of the best dynamic exercises around.

Burpee + Front Swing

Quite possibly my favorite dynamic exercise of all, the burpee + front swing combo is going to hit numerous muscle groups in your upper body, while also ensuring you burn up serious calories and boost that endurance with its cardiovascular aspect. Done for either reps or time, this dynamic exercise is going to help transform into that dream body in a hurry.

Twisted High Knees

Want an exercise that’s going to rip you up in a hurry? This is it. With twisted high knees, you’re tearing up your delts, chest, and core, while simultaneously shredding through calories and fat as you pump those knees high to the sky. Consider supersetting this with the burpee + front swing combo for one of the toughest two-exercise combo’s you’ve ever tried.

Jumping Lunge + Climber Combo

Starting to see what we’re doing here? Dynamic exercises are often the result of pairing two, already tough, exercises together. In this version, we’ve got the intense plyometric test of jumping lunges, combined with the endurance boosting benefits of the mountain climber. Add in a little core stabilization and shoulder work from the repeated switching between exercises, and you’ve got the perfect storm for a dynamic exercise.

What Dynamic Exercises Can do for You

Whether you’ve tried some of these exercises before or not, the key to making the most of dynamic exercises is about consistency.  More often than not, someone will throw these into their routine here and there, but never make any real progress because they lack the consistency of a carefully, structured format.  Make it a habit to include at least two or three of these dynamic exercises, per workout, to unlock their true dream body benefits.

And remember, these are just six of hundreds of different types of dynamic exercises.  We’ve got dynamic exercises that focus on your core, endurance, and strength.  Some are better at getting you lean, some are better at helping you bulk up with muscle…it all depends on your goals which dynamic exercises are best for you.

If you’re interested in getting a little help with your own fitness program and want to know which dynamic exercises are best for you and your goals, leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help put you on the track to your own personal, body of your dreams.


6 thoughts on “6 Dynamic Exercises to Build Your Dream Body”

  1. For these exercises, are you supposed to do them all for time or for reps minus the first one. If for reps how many reps on each do you recommend? Also, how many times are you supposed to go through the entire workout?

    1. Hey Molly – I’d suggest performing them for time. This will usually cause people to work harder and more intensely than if they’re just counting reps. Shoot for 30 seconds to start, then work your way up. If you wanted to do reps, I’d suggest 10-15 reps per exercise. As far as how many times through, that all depends on your goals and what you want to accomplish. If you need help with this, just let me know..thanks!


  2. I’m a female looking to lose some weight and become lean. I have a tendency of bulking up, especially in the shoulders when I do intense training. I was wondering what dynamic exercises would be best for me.

    1. I would suggest anything that really spikes your heart rate and leads to a good calorie burn…which will in turn shed some of that excess body fat covering your shoulders/upper body and cause them to appear more lean and less bulky. If you want help with a specific program, let me know.


  3. Is it still effective to include dynamic/pylometric exercises in a regular strength training workout when there are obligatory rest times in between? Because in the gym, it takes time to get from one place to the other and most often, you have to wait for the equipment or machines to be free. So if I did some jumping lunges or mountain climbers in between but didn’t continue with the next exercise immediately, would it still make a difference?

    1. Yes, I think including some form of dynamic exercise between heavy lift sets, is a great way to spike your metabolism and speed up fat loss. Consider throwing some form of these dynamic movements into your workout routine between lift sets and see how it works. I think if you stick to that form for a few weeks you’ll notice some big jumps in your caloric burn AND endurance.


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