Burn Fat Faster Than Ever by Using This ONE Overlooked Technique

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Maybe I’m being a bit generous here – there are probably several things you aren’t doing which would help increase your fat burning potential,but let’s keep things easy today and focus on this one killer trend I want ALL of you to start implementing during each and every workout.

No, this isn’t some lame new fitness trend or product that promises big results without any effort.  What I’m about to share with you is tough.  Damn tough.  But it’s also damn effective.  I’ve been using this little technique with myself, as well as my clients for years, and it’s delivered BIG results along the way.

What I’m talking about is a sure-fire way to help you burn fat faster, by giving your metabolism once last shot in the arm before you leave the gym or finish your FitPlan workout for the day.  I’m referring to an oft-overlooked technique called finisher workouts.  These fat burning bad boys are, as their name implies, used to “finish” your workout.  I don’t care what workout you’re doing – lifting straight weights, pure cardio, a combination of both, of maybe even a little yoga…finisher workouts, when designed correctly, are the perfect way to end a workout and send you off on a high note.

Why Finisher Workouts are so Effective at Burning Fat

There’s a little something I’ve touched on extensively in the past called EPOC.  If you are unfamiliar, read up on it so all of this makes more sense.  In short, we want to elevate your EPOC as high as possible before sending you home for the day.  By doing so, we’re going to force your body to slash through more calories, and ultimately, burn fat faster.

One of the best ways to boost that EPOC and increase your fat burning potential, is by performing short bursts of total body cross-training work.  I’m talking about hitting all (or nearly all) of your muscles, while also taxing your cardiovascular system in one insane 10-minute burst of all out intensity.  Just 10 minutes you say?  Well check this out…

I hooked myself up to my Garmin heart rate monitor to see just how effective some of my finisher workouts truly are.  I completed 10 minutes of total body cross training work, with a specific focus of elevating, and maintaining my heart rate at about 80-90% of my max heart rate value for the entire 10 minute period.  The results were pretty amazing…

Over a 7 day period this is what my total calories burned looked like…

  • Day 1: 143 calories
  • Day 2: 139 calories
  • Day 3: 168 calories
  • Day 4: 175 calories
  • Day 5: 155 calories
  • Day 6: REST
  • Day 7:  172 calories

As we already know, burning calories, especially when you’ve already tapped out your glycogen stores, is the key to burning fat faster than ever.  Not only that, because I ended my workout with a serious fat-burning bang, I continued to churn through excess calories well after my work out ended (thanks to that EPOC boost).

Over the course of 6 training days, I burned an ADDITIONAL 952 calories.  That’s on top of everything else I did during my regular workout.  Add that up, and that’s 60 extra minutes of work a week, for an added burn of 952 calories.  Keep that up for an entire year, and you’re looking at an extra caloric burn of 49,500 calories.  Since one pound of excess fat is equal to 3,500 calories, doing this little, 10-minute finisher after each workout is a quick and easy way to burn an extra 14.1 pounds of body fat in one year!  Let that number sink in for a minute, then check out what this fat blasting workout entails…

The Fat Burning Finisher Workout

As mentioned, this finisher workout is tough – I want you to do your best to make it through the whole routine with no rest breaks.  The goal is to keep your heart rate at, or near your 80-90% max heart rate value for the full 10 minutes. If your endurance doesn’t allow that just yet, don’t fret – work your way up and eventually you’ll be banging these out like the superstar I know you can be.

Grab a set of dumbbells and be ready to switch between exercises as quickly as possible.

Set a timer for 10 minutes and be sure to repeat the below circuit at least twice before the buzzer goes off.  Reps/time listed next to each exercise.

So while you’re out there searching for the latest and greatest workout routines for 2014, take a second and consider something you may not have previously thought to do.  Use a finisher workout after WHATEVER workout you’re doing to really speed up that fat burn, improve endurance, elevate performance, and ultimately, become the lean, mean, athletically-built machine you’re striving to be.

If you’re looking for more finisher workouts to tack on to the end of your workouts, be sure to subscribe to the blog and follow us on Facebook as we’ll be unleashing more of those fat burning finisher in the days, weeks, and months ahead.



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