Eat Fat to Burn Fat

AvocadoAn awesome question was asked by a Share It Fitness member on why we eat fat. Her question makes sense. If we are trying to burn fat, why do we eat it? The simple answer is this: fat doesn’t make you fat, simple carbs make you fat.

A diet high in fat, the RIGHT kinds of fat, actually promote the healthiest weight and makes it easy to lose extra pounds.

The healthiest diet for optimal wellness are meals that include good slow-burning carbs, clean proteins and a mix of fats.

What are the right kinds of fats? Stock up on awesome fats that are natural and unprocessed. Amazing plant-based options are olive oil, coconut oil, avocados, nuts, chia seeds, hemp seeds and sunflower seeds.  Getting your fats from animal products? Cool. Just stick to the least processed product possible that is preservative-, hormone-, and antibiotic-free.  We LOVE butter in our house, only the organic, grass-fed butter though! Salmon contains fats like omega-3s that are crucial for brain function and anti-inflammatory.

Fats to avoid include transfats which are universally accepted as bad and any hydrogenated oils – both of these you’ll only find in processed foods.

I’m sure many of you are screaming in your heads, “BUT WHAT ABOUT CALORIES?!” Yes, a gram of fat does carry the most calories – nine to be exact. But, my food philosophy has nothing to do with ‘calories in and calories out.’ The body is so much more complicated than that.  If you ARE watching calories as part of your wellness plan, don’t skip these nutrient-rich fats or it may make it harder to lose weight!

To switch your body into the lean, muscle-building, fat-burning machine you want, it’s all about the chemistry you set into motion in your body. Keeping your blood sugar balanced throughout the day is not only the way to lose the most weight but also to feel the most rested, energized and happy.

Protein and fat are slow burning and have low impact on blood sugar. High-sugar foods impact the blood sugar too dramatically and cause a blood sugar spike. These spikes promote weight gain and mood swings.

Change your food focus to QUALITY, not QUANTITY. This means getting clean meals that consist of healthy fats, slow burning carbs and proteins. You’ll have plenty of power for your workouts, will feel more satisfied by food and will be able to make it a sustainable part of your life instead of a crash or fad diet.

This may sound CRAZY but your body (when you eat clean) really does regulate how much you need to eat. Two really important hormones tell you when you are hungry and when you are full!

Go eat some fat today!


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