Why You Should be Jump Roping…Right Now

It is something you probably associate with that freak invincibility on the driveway from the elementary school days, but if you haven’t jumped rope in the last decade it is seriously time to dust off the ole’ skippin’ skills. I have been a jump rope addict lately due to excessive sessions of the same old cardio IE. treadmill, stationary bike, and rower.  As someone who experienced jump rope in a competitive sports setting as a brutal form of punishment it was daunting to consider getting back to jump rope without someone yelling in my face to go faster. Lucky for all of us, at home jump roping spares you the agitated high school coach this time around.

Unfortunately I am not talking about your plastic light up circa 1990 vintage rope, but a true workout speed rope.  If you are unsure of which rope to choose, as long as it doesn’t play music or light up you should be good to go! Burn up to 150 calories in 10 minutes of fat blasting jump sessions with your rope.  A mere 10 minutes of your favorite childhood activity can alleviate the cookie coma we may be experience during this entire month.


Jumping rope dates back to the time of the ancient Egyptians who made a rope out of bamboo vines, and if they can do it so can you! Since the majority of jump rope memories involve flailing around the driveway whipping a sibling or two, let’s start with a refresher on the how to so you can look like a jump rope boss:

  • Jump 1-2 inches off the floor, forcing you to stay on the balls of your feet. Hello beautiful calves and buns.
  • Zip it up-keep everything close to your sides throughout the jump session for more speed and agility.
  • You will get tired quickly as you get back into it-if this happens drop the rope and keep jumping with your arms in motion.
  • Find the right rope- while standing in the middle the handles should not go past your arm pits.

Why jump rope you ask? Aside from the fat shredding abilities this workout is literally everything you need in one simple movement. So the majority of us probably don’t look like Rockie in the process, but regardless jumping rope is no joke.

You can do it anywhere: inside, outside, hotel room, basement you name it! All you need is a minimal rope and you are set. No worries about finding a gym while on vacation, or forgetting that bulky yoga mat. Less is more when it comes to a jump rope workout.

It works the whole body: A 10 minute jump rope session burns as many calories as cycling 2 miles in 6 minutes, moderate jogging for 20 minutes, or swimming 720 yards in 12 minutes. There are few other moves around that can give you an entire body sweat session with so little else needed. Your heart is working to keep your heart rate up and your muscles are working it to give you an all over toned look. Recovering from any sort of bone injury? Jumping rope has been said to help increase bone density and many other amazing fitness benefits like coordination, speed, agility, strength, and balance. So basically spinning, yoga, kick boxing, and Thai chi all in one!

No specific training necessary: if you can walk up stairs you can jump a rope. Again getting to the point of professional boxer status may take some time, but the majority of us have enough skill to manage a 10 minute jump session. Turn on some awesome music and go for it, no trainer needed!

It won’t break the bank: no insane membership free to the jump rope club for you. Like everything Share it Fitness stands for, jumping rope is easy, free (besides rope costs averaging around $12 at target), fun, and will give you results both inside and out. Your cardio will be outstanding and your body will begin slimming in no time. If you are especially seeking a blast from the past get some friends together for your very own jump rope gang.

Weather permitting: I mainly rediscovered jump rope after nearly breaking my face on icy sidewalks during this time of the year. Since many of you are living in the gorgeousness that is California, you may have minimal experience with ice covered sidewalks. Imagine a perpetual game of chance that involves you breaking something by merely stepping out your front door. Since you can do this workout anywhere with a high enough ceiling  the weather will no longer serve as a “oops no workout for me today” excuse.

Take your workout to a new level during this cold weather. As a way to spice up the cardio, or to simply add a little variety to the routine, jumping rope is sure to get you in hip hop shape!








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