The ULTIMATE 25 Minute “Holidays At Home” Total Body Workout

hotel workout



small hotel room

Short on time or space? This 25 minute total body workout is perfect for hotel rooms, dorms, living rooms, or wherever you want to stay fit on the go.

As I’m sitting here in my little 10′ by 12′ hotel room, in the middle of Yangon, Myanmar, my mind has naturally shifted towards my workouts. It’s been almost a week since I’ve left the States, and I’m starting to get the itch to resume my workouts again. Since finding a tube of toothpaste around these parts has proved difficult, finding a gym is downright out of the question. I’m going to be doing a lot of hotel room workouts over the next five weeks that I’ll be away, so naturally, I went to work putting something together last night. I wanted to create the ultimate total body routine that will make sure I don’t give back any of my progress, keep my endurance high, and fight back against all the sweet, fatty, and carb-loaded tasty treats I’ve been stuffing myself with since I’ve arrived.

Besides those requirements, I wanted to create something that could be done with only my body weight, and in a relatively confined space…like a hotel room or living room. Consider this your ultimate total body travel (or even home workout) when you just want to get down to business, knock it out, then go back about your day. I’ve included a wide range of exercises, some done for time, others for reps, to keep things interesting. Having run through this workout earlier this morning, I can confidently say if you’re working hard and fast, you should be able to get through this entire routine in no more than 25 minutes. That said, those 25 minutes are going to be brutal. Since we’re keeping things short and sweet, the intensity is high and the rest breaks are minimal.

Check it out below, and give this one a shot on days you want a hard, quick workout, or when you’re in a bind and left without a gym in the middle of Yangon.

The Ultimate Total Body Turbo Workout

50 Jumping Jacks/60 seconds High Knees/50 Jumping Jacks

10-20 Push Ups/60 second plank/10-20 Push Ups

50 Body Weight Squats/60 seconds Squat Jumps/50 Body Weight Squats

25 Eagle Sit Ups/60 seconds Ground Runners/25 Eagle Sit Ups

REST 90 seconds

50 Reverse Lunges (per leg)/60 seconds 180 Twists/50 Reverse Lunges (per leg)

10 Hindu Push Ups/60 seconds Push Up/Dip Turnovers/10 Hindu Push Ups

20 Push Up+Half Burpees/60 seconds Horizontal Jacks/20 Push Up+Half Burpees

25 Alternating Leg Raises/60 seconds Crab Kicks/25 Alternating Leg Raises

As you can see, I’ve only given you 90 seconds rest. Realistically, most of you are going to need a bit more rest time than that. Push yourself to only rest for 90 seconds at the midway point of this workout, but if you need more time, throw in rest breaks as needed. Just remember, this workout is supposed to be short and sweet; use rest breaks as minimally as possible.

The goal of this workout is to keep your metabolism high, burn some fat, engage the muscles across your body, and serve as the ultimate total body workout when you’re not able to keep up with your regular routine.


Any questions? Leave a comment below and as always, I’ll be happy to get back to you ASAP as limited internet here allows!


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