Meet Our Nutrition/Health Coach!

Introducing The Newest Share It Fitness  Health Expert  

Kelly Is Here to Answer All Of Your Nutrition Questions

  New Health Expert: Kelly Dollinger

Hello SIF’ers! I’m thrilled to be joining the Share It Fitness team and honored to help their amazing fitness clients with some regular nutritional direction. On a day-to-day basis, I work with clients individually to help them overcome stress, excess weight, sleeping problems, anxiety and depression, hormonal imbalances and energy issues; all with clean eating.  My goal with all of you, my sweet fitness enthusiasts, is to combine this personalized approach with the Share It Fitness exercise methodology to help all of you both reach your wellness goals and break through plateaus.


What I Need From You

 I can’t wait to get started.  You’ll see me answering your burning nutrition questions on a weekly basis right here on the Share It Fitness blog. Submit your nutrition, food and clean eating questions using the form below.

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What I Will Do

This blog receives over a quarter million visitors a month…in my head, that’s a quarter million variations of nutritional needs. My goal is to help every Share It Fitness client discover for themselves the absolute best clean eating diet for them. Sure, we’ll talk about all the major things like gluten, dairy, soy, proteins and hydration, but nutrition is not black and white and everyone has foods that help them function optimally.  My future articles and work with Share It Fitness will lay out easy plans to get you eating the foods that make you: feel best, work out, sleep better and elevate your energy all day long!

I’m going to give you straight, measured and realistic guidance. Guess what?  Acai didn’t single-handedly revolutionize the health and wellness world; neither did quinoa; neither did chia; neither did kale. None of these alone are going to drastically change your diet for the better.  Do you know what will? Consistent, every day, balanced, clean diets composed of: healthy fats, proteins and carbohydrates…and yes, you’re allowed real-life birthday cake! That’s the kind of info you are going to get from me.


What I Won’t Do

 I’m dedicated to my nutrition philosophy of bio-individuality. This means you won’t catch me militantly restricting certain foods (even sugar and processed foods) because I advocate an 80/20 or 90/10 clean eating ratio.  Keeping a sustainable and realistic ratio means you can live in the real world and be healthy too.

Like all information provided here at Share It Fitness, I also won’t give you any advice or guidance that would trump that of your physician or medical provider.  As a trained holistic health coach, I’m here for wellness tips, shortcuts, ideas on how to experiment and just get more clean foods in your mouth more often. That’s it. If it’s more serious than that, consult your doctor.


A Short About Me

 I wasn’t always into nutrition. In fact it took a major physical and emotional burnout of epic proportions to recognize I needed to change my routine. At my core I’m a type-A adrenaline junkie and found myself in a career that was literally killing me. I took a step back, reassessed and struck out on a path to change myself and then help others discover optimal nutrition. See my whole story here.


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