Nutritional Confessional part 2. Indulgences

sif nutritional confessional

We are officially in the thick of that time of the year when it is fully acceptable to toss all caution to the wind. See yah kale smoothie, hello Christmas chocolate truffle cheese cake for breakfast….heck add it to lunch and dinner as well. I can admit that I spent a solid three days stiff arming fruits and vegetables last week, and it wasn’t until my 72 hour lapse in judgment ended that the guilt surfaced. By the end of it all I wanted was to hear the crunch of lettuce, plain nothing added raw juicy lettuce more than anything.

You have read the articles of how to stay healthy during the holidays, but what I need to know more about is what happens after you eat a weeks- worth of cake in 72 hours. Where you are supposed to go after demolishing the 25 days of Christmas chocolate tree by day 4?

It all comes down to your mentality. The hard part of a health  minded mentality is that you won’t be able to freely enjoy one of those amazing cookies from mom when she sends you a box of booby traps every year. No one should have to feel dread at the site of a gorgeous cupcake, that’s just no way to live.

Research is feeling the same guilt when it comes to indulgences.  We all know that the impulsive eaters are the ones who you will find at 3am with nothing but crumbs left right? WRONG! New research has shown that those who contemplate and even agonize over the decision of a measly cup cake can be just ask likely to overindulge.

Apparently the older you get the wiser you become and the same is true for our cunning methods of self-convincing that follow when deserts are on the table.  Those of us who take more time are able to come up with way more legitimate and pride saving excuses as to why we deserve not one but two brownies. Because two brownies add up to about 35 minutes on the elliptical and you are planning to do 45 tomorrow anyways so it will all even out.

Give me enough time and I can promise you I will come up with a legitimate reason for eating two bowls of ice cream in a day too. What we are left with is a seriously conflicted message about the right mentality to have when it comes to those mouth-watering indulgences.

We can all relate to Matt’s post about “feeling fat” from an impulsive pie session, we also will down the pie because we realize that the 900 calorie dinner we just consumed has already nixed any hope of a diet for the day.

One of the most entertaining and surest signs of this conflicted mentality is when you or someone around you audibly groans when they eat a cookie “I guess I can have this cookie…” like it is some burden they are taking off of your shoulders, let me just say that on behalf of everyone in the room I thank you cookie martyrs for your service.

Here’s what you need to know…

SavedPicture (4)

You will make excuses: “but in 6 months I’ll be on vacation!”

Don’t bind yourself to unreasonable expectations: no cake ever is just preposterous

Everyone needs to indulge sometimes: as in not every day

Know the difference between indulging and overindulging: IE. 1 cookie vs the whole batch

Enjoy the times that you do: It’s the whole reason why you want to eat amazing tasting deserts with the amazing people in your life. It is the closest feeling to perfection we can manage during the busy holiday season.

Enjoy your indulgences this holiday season, with some level of consciousness!



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