The 5-Week Bubble Butt Workout Program


Let’s cut right to the chase today; you’re trying to build that bubble butt and are dead set on doing whatever it takes to achieve this goal.  Maybe you’ve tried one of our lower body workouts in the past, but now, you’re ready for a real challenge.  You’re ready for something that’s completely focused on helping you add a little oomph to your booty; something that is specifically designed for your very specific goal.  Well, I’ve listened, and I’ve heard you loud and clear.  To help you unlock the secret to building your own perfect butt, I created the 5-week Bubble Butt Workout Program.  We’re taking a variety of strength drills, plyometrics, and fat-blasting metabolic conditioning routines to help you build and sculpt the best lower body of your life.

This bubble butt workout program differs from some of our other fitness plans you may have seen on the blog in a few key ways, which include:

  • Video instruction and a personal trainer to follow along with
  • Athletic training drills designed to confuse your body
  • Metabolic conditioning drills with a specific lower body focus

By taking three of the most effective tools we have in our arsenal, and directing them towards improving your lower body, we’ve been able to create a program that delivers big results, in less time.

How Do I Get a Bubble Butt?

But before we go any further, let’s first figure out what it’s going to take to get those glutes into gear.  Most people, understandably so, think the key to building a strong and lean lower body, is the direct result of squats and deadlifts.  While these are two very important lifts that we coach and include in our programs, this isn’t the be all end all.  Taking a one-focused approach to nearly anything in fitness, isn’t going to net you the results you want.  It’s also not going to be a very time efficient way of going about things either.  To really make noticeable changes in your lower body, all before the start of 2014, you’re going to have to take a very calculated approach to your training.

By creating the 5 Week Bubble Butt Workout Program, this is what I’ve attempted to do.  I’ve attempted to give you the right balance of workouts and training drills to help you effectively impact your lower body in a meaningful way, in less time.  Now, back to the original question; how do I get a bubble butt?  Well, to answer, it’s going to take a three-pronged approach, as well as mindful eating, which we’ll get in to in just a bit.

Your lower body muscles are what we’re trying to impact here.  We want to build long, lean, and toned muscles, while simultaneously cutting down on that layer of body fat we all.  But let’s stop quickly – often times I hear from readers, “I can definitely tells I’m getting stronger, but my legs, arms, fill in the blank, feel bigger.  What’s going on?”  I’ll tell you what’s going on.  You’re building muscle without the necessary fat loss.  The very fact you’re increasing your strength means you’re building muscle.  This is a GOOD thing – embrace it!  That said, if you feel you’re getting “bulky”, as many women often worry about, it likely means you’re simply not bumping the cardiovascular workouts or fat burn.  But don’t sweat it – it’s an easy fix.  A proper training program delivers the right ratio of strength:cardio workouts, meaning, you’re going to have all of that muscle-building goodness, while your body slowly morphs into a calorie-burning machine behind the scenes.

So, if you’re looking to turn yourself into a lean, mean, calorie-burning machine, (and you should be!) you’re going to need a calculated approach that delivers on multiple levels: enter the 5-Week Bubble Butt Workout Program.

Killer Workouts/Customized Support

Your 5-Week Bubble Butt Workout Program has been carefully designed to completely tear up your lower body, while effectively increasing your fat burning potential.  We achieved this by intermixing metabolic training workouts, athletic-based sprint drills, plyometric-focused routines, with more traditional strength training workouts.  This approach has proven to be an effective way to drastically improve your lower body time and again, and now, it’s your time.

Now, the workouts are one thing.  We’ve got a lot of killer workouts right here on the blog, but for all of our fitness plan subscribers, we always want to give a little more.  In additions to the workouts, you’ll also have unfiltered access to your own personal trainer, i.e. ME.  In addition to exclusive daily messages and support, you’ll also have the ability to connect with me to discuss any questions and concerns you may have along the way.  The “human touch” I put on each and every one of our fitness programs is what has made our workouts such a hit over the years.  Not only do you get the workouts, you get the trainer behind the workouts.  Simply put, you’re getting everything you need to make an impact and change your body like you never thought possible.

You’re Only 5 Weeks Away…

The beauty of this program is it’s versatility.  Since there is such variety and deviation from one workout to the next, it’s entirely possible to run through this bubble butt program an additional five weeks.  That ends up delivering two and a half months of concentrated focus on helping you build the best lower body of your life.  Or if you’d prefer, this program sets you up very nicely to get on our FitPlan training system and take a more comprehensive approach to your fitness.  The choice is yours, but the one thing you must do to get started, is take that initial leap and get immerse yourself in our training methodologies.

Now, it must be said, simply performing these workouts is not going to be enough.

“Not enough?  But you just said this is all I need to build a tight, toned, butt!?!”

Wait a second.  Let’s rewind.  What I said was, a three-pronged approach, which this workout program delivers, COMBINED with mindful eating is going to help you build a tight, toned butt.  So what is mindful eating?  Mindful eat is simply, eating for your goals.  I’ll break it down even further for you, check it out:

  • .5-1 gram of protein per pound of body weight
  • Significantly cut back on sugar, processed foods, and white flour
  • Building a caloric surplus which allows for the accumulation of lean muscle mass

Going out there and “eating healthy” just isn’t enough.  Well, at least it’s not if you want to make the kind of changes I know you want to make.  You’re going to have to take the same calculated approach to your diet if you want to make.  To help you make that jump, we put together a nutrition plan to pair with our fitness programs; meet The Share It Fitness Meal Plan for Active People.  This guide to eating is going to become your new partner in crime.  By following the advice found in this nutrition guide, you’re going to put yourself on the fast track to the bubble butt of your dreams.

Get Started by Signing Up Now

As always, we’re putting a cap on the number of program participants to ensure that each of you are able to benefit from the personalized aspect of the custom trainer support.  Our last training program filled up in only a few days, so this time, we’ve added a few additional spots.  The first 200 people to sign up will lock themselves into this five-week training program and all the benefits that come with it.

So if you’re ready to take the leap and get started on building the most killer lower body you’ve ever imagined, jump over to and get started NOW!

Sign up for The 5-Week Bubble Butt Training Program



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